Revolver Galand Velo-Dog

    revolver galand velo-dog

    Galand Velo-Dog

    In 1894, a French gunsmith Charles Francois Galand (Charles Francois Galand), who worked in France and Belgium, has developed a pocket revolver with a concealed hammer, called Velo-Dog.

    revolver galand velo-dog
    Galand Velo-Dog
    Early model

    believed that this revolver Galan intended to protect cyclists from the dogs, and that was reflected in the title of weapons - Velo-Dog («Velocipede» - bike and «Dog» - dog).

    In the mid-1890s by the Belgian Charles Galan in Liege was launched production of these pocket revolvers, which almost immediately became extremely popular. Successful design was soon copied and began to produce similar revolvers and their modifications dozens of European companies (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and especially in Spain).

    early model revolver Galan had a split frame with a simple trigger and trigger guard, but soon began to produce the trigger folding.

    Overall Velo-Dog was similar to other compact revolvers design.

    revolver galand velo-dog
    Rear view

    frame revolver - steel, with crossing left semicircular cheek, closing the breech drum; right cheek - folding, hinged, with the projection is a door for loading and extraction, leans to the right and down.

    Steel barrel has four right-slicing.

    Framed drilled under the barrel channel for the drum axis.

    drum cylindrical, elongated, with five of the bolt. On its rear surface the transverse slots are selected to ensure the fixation of the drum during rotation thereof, and the side surface - relief chamfer oval weight.

    trigger mechanism samovzvodyaschiysya is mounted inside the frame. The trigger is concealed within the hull.

    trigger almost straight, folding, no trigger guard.

    revolver galand velo-dog
    Front view The main body

    left for drum set safety lever.

    In case the right, behind the drum selected deep long oval, designed to push the pocket by ekstraktirovanii.

    Ekstraktirovanie liners made using a ramrod, a retractable axle drum swivel joint.

    Sights consist of a small semi-circular front sight at the muzzle and on the upper part of the pillar framework.

    revolver handle formed by two plastic cheeks strapped screw.

    surface casing of the drum and barrel of the gun can be decorated with engraving.

    revolver galand velo-dog
    Cartridge 5.5 mm Velo-Dog

    Although generally Velo-Dog was similar to other compact revolvers design, its main distinguishing feature was a used cartridge. In revolver Galan used cartridge central battlefield 5.5 mm Velo-Dog, consisting of long, thin liner and shell bullet weighing 45 grand (some experts compare this cartridge to the effectiveness of the ring chuck vosplameneniya.22LR). Could be used as a special, non life-threatening cartridges, charged with salt, pepper or sand.

    Over time from the classic Velo-Dog moved and appeared pocket revolvers of the same name, but other calibers and modified form. Velodogi modified for rimfire cartridges kalibra.22, flanged cartridges Lebel caliber 5.6 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and a wafer ammunition caliber 6.35 mm and 7.65 mm.

    Distinctive features

    Velodaga were light weight, small size, streamlined shape, hidden trigger, folding trigger, elongated drum cartridges for long.

    Caliber, mm 5.5h29. 5
    Length mm 132
    Barrel length, mm 47
    Weight empty, kg 0.30
    drum count. cartridges 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 183
    These small-caliber

    cheap revolverchiki originally designed to protect cyclists from the attacks of stray dogs, almost immediately began to be used as a convenient means of personal defense, and recreational shooting. Especially love their women, who found the weapon at hand. Men respected the weapon for what it could be hidden in the vest. Revolvers easily extracted from the pockets of any clothing in addition to wearing these special miniature revolver holster sewed a purse.


    serious weapon Velo-Dog revolvers were not as weak due to the use of the cartridge could not guaranteed to stop the enemy. Besides folding trigger does not quickly lead weapon in combat readiness.


    these pocket revolvers Galan lasted until the beginning of the First World War.

    revolver galand velo-dog

    Galand Velo-Dog


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