Revolver Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin

    revolver gasser m1870/74 montenegrin

    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin

    Revolver Gasser Montenegrin M1870/74 - so-called "Montenegrin model" was designed on the basis of army revolver Gasser M1870.

    There is a version that the King of Montenegro ("Italianate" name Montenegro) Nicholas did possess similar revolvers mandatory for the entire male population of the country and even supported by the manufacturer of these weapons. In this regard, in the name of arms and the word appeared Montenegrin.

    revolver gasser m1870/74 montenegrin
    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin
    View of the extractor and barrel

    «Montenegrin Gasser" differs from earlier models Leopold Gasser extractor design, retractable inside the drum axis. This design extractor made more comfortable wearing a revolver in his belt, as was customary in Montenegro.

    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin Revolver has an open (a split) frame.

    weapon housing and the barrel are two separate parts joined together.

    trunk has a tide that is screwed to the fixed axis of the drum and fixed by the screw below the drum axis connecting the tide with the body.

    The model

    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin used the same caliber cartridge 11 mm (11.25x36 R), and that in the revolver Gasser M1870, previously used in singly carbines "Werndly." These cartridges also had the name of 11.3 Gasser 1870-74 Montenegrino (11 mm Gasser Montenegrino).

    revolver gasser m1870/74 montenegrin
    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin
    View of the drum,
    Hinged door charging
    And fuse

    drum has five Camore for patrons hole for the drum axis, the longitudinal grooves facilitate workpits and drum retainer.

    Equipment arms ammunition produced by the charging flap door on the right side.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried alternately using the ejector rod, placed in the drum axis.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action, fitted with a device for setting the trigger safety catch.

    the right side of the frame, under the drum, the safety lever is cooperating with the trigger mechanism.

    To arm the trigger safety catch on the need to take it back a bit, then you can safely carry a loaded revolver with bullets in the chambers drum. For the shot was just enough to squeeze the trigger.

    revolver gasser m1870/74 montenegrin

    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin
    Caliber, mm 11.25x36 R
    Length mm 255
    Barrel length, mm 128
    drum count. cartridges 5

    Sights consist of open front and rear sights, located on the barrel of a revolver.

    handle has a ring strap and cheeks. Cheeks handle made from wood or from normal or ivory.

    weapons could be placed on the engraving.

    Revolvers Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin widespread in Central Europe and the Balkans.

    Revolvers type «Gasser Montenegrin» produced in large quantities, not only by «GASSER», but also the number of weapons companies in Belgium and Austria.

    revolver gasser m1870/74 montenegrin
    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin

    At present production revolvers Gasser necessarily placed stigma L. GASSER WIEN or L. GASSER OTTAKRING PATENT, or L. GASSER PATENT WIEN OTTAKRING; may also be present trademark as a heart pierced by an arrow.


    Belgian copies revolvers meets brand: letter L. G., apple pierced by an arrow and the words SCHUTZMARKE. (Letters LG - from Leopold Gasser, SCHUTZ MARKE - registered trademark).

    Entitled «Gasser Montenegrin» usually involve several models. Also revolver Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin later, in 1880, was created "breakthrough" model Gasser M1880 Montenegrin.


    Gasser revolvers were driven superior in reliability Nagant revolver.

    revolver gasser m1870/74 montenegrin

    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin


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