Revolver Gasser M1870

    revolver gasser m1870

    Gasser M1870

    In 1870, Leopold Gasser (Leopold Gasser) revolver patented proprietary - Gasser M1870, which was adopted by the cavalry of the Austro-Hungarian army.

    revolver gasser m1870
    Gasser M1870
    View on a split frame revolver Production

    Gasser revolver model 1870 has been adjusted by «GASSER», which is owned by L. Gasser. After the death of Leopold Gasser in 1871 he was succeeded by younger brother Johann Gasser, continued the series production revolvers Gasser.

    Gasser M1870 Revolver and other modifications were produced until the end of the XIX century.

    Army revolver Gasser sample in 1870, as most of the models has a detachable (open) the frame.

    housing revolver barrel and constitute two separate parts connected to each other. Tide barrel is screwed to the fixed axis of the drum and fixed by the screw below the drum axis connecting the tide with this body.

    revolver gasser m1870
    Gasser M1870
    View of the drum and open the door

    Gasser M1870 Revolver was calculated by use of the central ignition cartridge caliber 11 mm (11.25x36 R) with a fairly long sleeve, previously used in singly carbines "Werndly." These cartridges also were called 11.3 Gasser 1870-74 Montenegrino (11 mm Gasser Montenegrino).

    drum has six Camore Ammo and equips open the charger through the door on the right side.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried alternately using rod-ejector. Extractor - fixed gear, located parallel to the axis of the barrel, right and below it. Cutting edge extractor ramrod-carved arch-shaped trunk diameter.

    revolver gasser m1870

    Gasser M1870
    View of the extractor

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action, is provided with a device for setting the trigger at half-cock.

    revolver gasser m1870
    Gasser M1870
    View from the side of the fuse

    Fuse has a safety lever on the right side of the frame below the drum. He's joined by pins, which, passing through the holes in the frame, had to lock the parts of the firing mechanism. Worth slightly take the trigger as one of the pins inside and entered blocked it, not allowing the trigger scapegoat move forward. After this operation, the gun can be safely carried in a charged state. Before opening fire, the arrow was just slightly enough to pull the trigger to remove the front of the trigger locking pin.

    Sights consist of open front and rear sights, located on the barrel of a revolver.

    handle has a ring strap and cheeks. Cheeks handle made of conventional or ivory or wood.

    revolver gasser m1870

    Gasser M1870

    weapons were often performed engraving and gold inlay.

    Through its considerable weight and massiveness Gasser M1870 revolvers produced very solid impression.


    Gasser revolver sample in 1870 became subject to various changes. So, if the original release had a barrel length of 235 mm, then later - 185 and 127 mm (size revolvers respectively 375, 325 and 267 mm).

    slightly modified revolver model 1870/74 differed from the original sample that his frame was made of steel instead of forged iron. Such a revolver and was released for the Austrian Navy.

    revolver gasser m1870

    Gasser M1870/74
    View from the left, top, right
    revolver gasser m1870
    Gasser Revolver Model 1873

    Revolver «Gasser-Kropatschek», developed as a model officer, was somewhat smaller and was a modification of the Gasser M1870, taken by Alfred Kropachekom. Army revolver from 1870 sample differs only smaller caliber, length and weight (respectively 9 mm, 235 mm, 770 g).

    in 1873 was offered the option, characterized mainly from previous models monolithic body with a seamless, one-piece frame. Extractor in this model was cleaned inside the drum axis. Caliber 11 mm drum on 5 charges, barrel length 127 mm, total length 242 mm.

    most popular steel revolvers Gasser Montenegrin (so-called Montenegrin Gasser) caliber 11 mm model 1870/74 with extractor, retractable inside the drum axis and "breakthrough" model 1880 with extractor in the form of a disk with holes.

    revolver gasser m1870
    Gasser Revolver 9mm

    Gasser Revolver 9mm different simultaneous ekstraktirovaniem upon expansion revolver barrel and tilting down (latch lever just to the right, extractor star-shaped).

    so-called "gendarmerie" and "police" model operated by the municipal police and military samples differed from revolvers same system smaller and power.

    «gendarme" Gasser revolver had a whole body frame, trigger mechanism double action trigger return. Extractor is missing. 9 mm caliber, barrel length 84 mm, total length 187 mm.

    revolver gasser m1870
    «gendarme" Gasser revolver

    «Police" revolver Gasser had housing with integral frame and alternate ekstraktirovanie. Extractor spring returns to its original position. Abadi door. Caliber 9 mm Barrel length 112 mm, total length 225 mm.

    Firm «Gasser» also produced weapons for commercial sale. For example, the model «Gasser-Kropatschek» sold the drum that took recess than and different from the army revolver with smooth drum. There is also a commercial version of the 1874 open-frame chambered for 9mm and 9mm revolver with turning bezel mechanism for simultaneous extraction cartridges and trigger mechanism double action design Galan. Commercial version of the 9mm model «Post & Police» differed improved surface finish.

    revolver gasser m1870
    «Police» Gasser revolver

    latest model on which a name appears Gasser was the model-issue revolver Rast-Gasser M1898, taken into the arms of the Austro-Hungarian army.

    Gasser owned two factories in Vienna and St. Poltene, which according to some reports, produced in the period from 1880 to 1890 by 100,000 annually revolvers.

    At one time

    Gasser revolvers were adopted by the Austro-Hungarian army and widespread in Central Europe and the Balkans.

    Gasser M1870
    Caliber, mm 11.25x36 R
    Length mm 375
    Barrel length, mm 235
    Weight, g 1450
    drum count. cartridges 6

    Different models of revolvers Gasser, sometimes with minor changes parts produced also in other European countries. This fact, in some sense identified some consistency in the application of these samples revolvers.

    Most revolvers inscriptions Guss Stahl, Kaiser's Patent, and the like. At present the production of revolvers Gasser necessarily placed stigma L. GASSER WIEN or L. GASSER OTTAKRING PATENT; may also be present trademark as a heart pierced by an arrow.


    Belgian copies revolvers meets brand: letter L. G., apple pierced by an arrow and the words SCHUTZMARKE. (Letters LG - from Leopold Gasser, SCHUTZ MARKE - registered trademark).


    Gasser revolvers were driven superior in reliability Nagant revolver.


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