Revolver Gasser M1880 Montenegrin

    revolver gasser m1880 montenegrin

    Gasser M1880 Montenegrin

    Gasser revolvers widespread model «Montenegrin Gasser», the so-called "Montenegrin model." However, under the title «Gasser Montenegrin» usually involve several models. The first model was the revolver Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin, based at the Gasser M1870.

    Caliber, mm 11.25x36 R
    Length mm 375
    Barrel length, mm 235
    Weight, g 1450
    drum count. cartridges 5

    In 1880, was proposed "breakthrough" model Gasser M1880 Montenegrin.

    There is a version that the revolver Gasser M1880 Montenegrin (especially long-barreled) received in their names Montenegrin because in 1889 it was adopted by the police of Montenegro ("Italianate" name Montenegro), which was defined as the entire adult male population of Montenegro . Country's ruler, Prince Nicholas, being a representative of the company and Gasser, supplied these revolvers from Austria-Hungary (not without benefit to themselves).

    The model

    Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin used the same caliber cartridge 11 mm (11.25x36 R), and that in the revolver Gasser M1870/74 Montenegrin, previously used in singly carbines "Werndly." These cartridges also had the name of 11.3 Gasser 1870-74 Montenegrino (11 mm Gasser Montenegrino).

    revolver gasser m1880 montenegrin

    Gasser M1880 Montenegrin

    Unlike previous models «Gasser Montenegrin» Gasser M1880 Montenegrin revolver has a drop-down box ("perelomku»).

    revolver gasser m1880 montenegrin
    Gasser M1880 Montenegrin

    upper part of the weapon consists of a trunk (133 or 235 mm) with the tide and set the drum. Tide on the axis is fixed to the bottom of the turret, consisting of the trigger and handle.

    drum has five Camore for patrons hole for the drum axis, facilitating longitudinal workpits and spring-loaded extractor in the form of a disk with holes.

    simultaneous extraction of cartridges produced upon expansion frame and lowering the trunk downward by means of the spring loaded extractor.

    Castle Frankotta frame system with two lever latches, located behind the flap of the drum.

    revolver gasser m1880 montenegrin

    Gasser M1880 Montenegrin
    When reloading
    revolver gasser m1880 montenegrin
    Gasser M1880 Montenegrin
    View of the drum and lock frame

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger double action.

    trigger guard is attached to the frame with screws.

    open sighting devices consist of fly (on the trunk) and the groove (on the top wall frame).

    handle has a ring strap and wooden cheeks.

    weapons could be placed on the engraving.

    Revolvers Gasser M1880 Montenegrin got a good spread and produced in large quantities, not only by Gasser, but also arms company in Belgium and Austria.

    Most revolvers inscriptions Guss Stahl, Kaiser's Patent, and the like. At present the production of revolvers Gasser necessarily placed stigma L. GASSER WIEN or L. GASSER OTTAKRING PATENT; may also be present trademark as a heart pierced by an arrow.


    Belgian copies revolvers meets brand: letter L. G., apple pierced by an arrow and the words SCHUTZMARKE. (Letters LG - from Leopold Gasser, SCHUTZ MARKE - registered trademark).


    Gasser revolvers were driven superior in reliability Nagant revolver.

    revolver gasser m1880 montenegrin

    Gasser M1880 Montenegrin


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