Revolver Hermann Weihrauch Arminius HW 4

    revolver hermann weihrauch arminius hw 4

    Arminius HW 4 a barrel length of 2.5 inches
    (Old model)

    In 1948 German gunsmith Vayrauh Hermann (Hermann Weihrauch) created the company «Hermann Weihrauch KG» in the Bavarian town Mellrihshtadt (Mellrichstadt). Since this period, the production of firearms in Germany was forbidden Vayrauh manufacture spare parts for bicycles and mopeds. In 1950, the company added to the range of pneumatic and sporting guns (pistols and revolvers later) whereby the firm later became known.

    HW 4 HW 4 T
    Caliber .22 .22
    Length mm 170 213 275
    Barrel length, mm 64 102 152
    Weight empty, kg 710 805 940
    drum count. cartridges 8 8 8

    After removing the ban on manufacture firearms in 1960 Vayrauh started production of revolvers under the famous brand name «Arminius», availing itself of the old trademark formerly owned by Frederick Pikkertu (Friedrich Pickert). The name itself «Arminius» was made in honor of the German leader of the tribe Cherusci Arminia (Arminius) - grand commander, who has repeatedly defeated the Roman army in the I century BC. e.

    first model revolver, manufactured by Hermann Weihrauch in 1960, received the designation «Arminius HW 3" and was produced in three versions, which differ in the use cartridges kalibrov.22 LR, .22 WMR, .32 SW and the capacity of the drum. < / p>

    revolver hermann weihrauch arminius hw 4

    Arminius HW 4 a barrel length of 2.5 inches
    (Old model)

    In 1962 was released revolver «Arminius HW 4" kalibra.22. He was very similar to the previous model, but different barrel length, ventilated bar at the top of the barrel, iron sights and shape of the handle.

    This revolver produced in several versions, which differ in the length of the table - 2.5, 4 and 6 inches. Models with 4 and 6-inch barrel equipped with adjustable sights and received the name «Arminius HW 4 T» (where «T» denotes «Target» - target, sports).

    Revolver Arminius HW model is assembled on 4 solid frame.

    Food weapons carried out of the drum, leans to the left side, which has the bolt for patrons hole axis, facilitating workpits longitudinal, transverse grooves to lock the drum and simultaneous manual removal of spent cartridges. Drum capacity - 8 rounds.


    revolver made Pivoted drum on the left side using the ejector rod, and a spring-loaded extractor placed inside the drum axis, when clicked, which simultaneously removed once all the spent cartridges.

    latch drum serves his left guard. After upgrading the revolver was used by the new system of fixing the drum resulting in the left side of the frame behind the flap appeared drum drum latch button.

    revolver hermann weihrauch arminius hw 4

    Arminius HW 4 T with a barrel length of 4 inches
    (Upgraded model - clearly visible drum latch button)

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    Unregulated open sights consist of a high fly back and beveled slots on the top rear of the frame. Adjustable iron sights consist of a front sight and adjustable constant pillar.

    Handles can be rectangular, rounded or flared shape. In addition, you can use curly cheeks, taking into account the anatomy of the hand.

    weapon itself could have a chrome finish or burnishing.

    as marking placed on the frame trademark Arminius - the head of a bearded warrior in a winged helmet. The model number is stamped on the rotary drum earring caliber ammunition used and the brand - in the trunk, and the inscription «Made in Germany» applied to the frame.

    Arminius Revolvers are strong and durable, becoming known and received the deserved respect for its high quality.

    revolver hermann weihrauch arminius hw 4

    Arminius HW 4 T with a barrel length of 6 inches


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