Revolver James Hill Model

    revolver james hill model

    James Hill Model

    In 1867, the company «Webley & Son» Birmingham released revolver which in 1868 was adopted by the Royal Police Ireland (Royal Irish Constabulary), received an appropriate name RIC.

    Caliber .430
    Length mm 178
    Barrel length, mm 64
    Weight empty, kg 0.710
    drum count. cartridges 6

    Company Owner «Webley & Son» Philip Webley (Philip Webley) was never afraid to try something new and not skimping, hired the best designers, but when he was able to create soundly, robust construction, he stayed a long time on it. It happened with the model RIC, which has repeatedly been subjected to various modifications.

    One of the modifications

    RIC revolver became a short-version of the weapon, which was established in 1880 specially commissioned London gunsmith William James Hill (William James Hill). The new model was almost identical to the revolver Webley RIC, from which it differs mainly in the short barrel and caliber, as well as minor changes in the shape of individual elements.

    revolver james hill model
    James Hill Model
    (View on the drum)

    Model James Hill was designed for cartridge kalibra.430 and was intended primarily for arming the police.

    This revolver had

    whole frame, which is screwed into the barrel of circular cross section, with a strap at the top.

    Weapons had a simple six-cylinder with locking rear drum stopper, which rose by pressing the trigger of the bottom of the frame.

    Equipment arms ammunition produced through the hinged charging right-side door frame, opens to the side.

    revolver james hill model
    James Hill Model
    (View on the sights)

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out alternately using rod-ejector. Extractor rod was placed in the central axis of the hollow drum weapons that could get to insert the bolt into the corresponding drum. When removing the extractor arms drum can be removed by pulling it forward axis for flat knurled head.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open hammer, who had a "clear", single action. There was a fuse turns off when you press the trigger.

    Sights open consisted of front and rear sights. Semicircular bead located close to the muzzle, and the rear sight was a V-neck on the top plate frame.

    Solid wood handle was attached to the frame and had a vertical screw the bottom back plate with a ring for a safety strap.

    markers consisted of inscriptions «W. J. Hill »on the top bracket of the trunk and the mark on the left side of the frame. Stigma firm «Webley» missing.

    revolver james hill model

    James Hill Model


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