Revolver model Webley Pryse

    model revolver webley pryse

    Webley Pryse

    In 1876 English gunsmith from Birmingham Charles Price (Charles Pryse) patented an improved system for the trigger latching drum revolver shot in the manufacture special projection. However, he was unable to establish their own production of weapons, so he sold the license to use its patent to various firms.

    model revolver webley pryse
    Revolver model Webley Pryse
    (For recharging)

    first company has acquired a patent for the invention Pryce in 1877 became the company «Webley & Son». Then in 1877 the company begun manufacturing new Webley revolver, dubbed «Webley Pryse», which were applied invention Charles Pryce.

    Webley Pryse was a revolver with a break in two to recharge frame and simultaneous extraction of all cartridges. The main characteristics of these weapons was the return trigger and lock the drum.

    Barrel Revolver - octagonal rifled, represented integrally with the top bar of the frame. In front of the trunk had the tide. At high tide, drilled a hole through which held tightly fixed rod serving drum axis.

    Food arms ammunition was carried out of the drum capacity of six rounds. The drum can be removed by unscrewing the large screw on the left side of the frame.

    Drum had timing extractor with two long tails, entering into the slots of the drum. When the barrel swings down at an angle of about 90 °, timing extractor automatically nominated rear drum and threw cartridge cases.

    model revolver webley pryse
    Revolver model Webley Pryse
    (View on the levers circuit frame)

    system circuit weapons consisted of two vertical levers located on both sides of the rear rack frame and having a flat corrugated ledge below the top and shorter bolt on the inside. With the closure of the projection frame rear trunk fell into the slot in front of the trigger, the bolts on the arm comes through the holes in the recess in the barrel of the gun ledge where held by springs located under the arms. To open the frame you had to click on the dotted stops at the lower ends of spring-loaded locking levers.

    drum securely seated double stops that controls the trigger. Lock drum was a trigger associated with a small lever, which correspond to special grooves on the surface of the drum. Lock prevented further rotation of the drum, after the chamber was aligned with the barrel, and released him with every new press the trigger that turns the drum one more step. When the next chamber is provided with a cartridge in front of the barrel, spring-loaded lever again recorded the drum.

    model revolver webley pryse
    Revolver model Webley Pryse
    (With extraction cartridges)

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, single action, is designed so that when you release the trigger after firing mainspring puts the hammer on half-cock. In this position, the trigger firmly fixed and can not accidentally break to strike the primer.

    Sights - fixed, open type, consisted of flies at the muzzle and the rear sight, notched at the rear of the upper limit of the scope.

    Solid wood handle is attached to the frame revolver was below oval backplate with a ring for a safety strap.

    Webley Pryse became one of the first frame with break revolvers and automatic extraction of spent cartridges and the first revolver with recurrent trigger that after breaking the capsule cartridge moves back and run flat peen hammer weapon is not in contact with the next cartridge (since 1870 - ies without such a trigger return cost only a few quality revolvers).

    Caliber .450, .455 , .476 (main)
    .320, .380, .440, .442, .500, .577
    Length mm 273
    Barrel length, mm 146
    Weight 1.000
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 198

    The licenses to use patents Charles Prize have been sold not only the company «Webley & Son», but also to other gunsmiths. Therefore revolvers similar Webley Pryse and created on the basis of the same basic design were produced at other plants in modifications under ot.320 do.577 calibers and barrel length of 3 to 5.7 inches. These revolvers, made in England and Belgium, were widespread in European countries and used as military and civilian weapons. However, the issue of Veblen was the most significant.

    Revolver Webley Pryse for its time was quite reliable, convenient and accurate weapon, quickly gained popularity among British officers. This weapon was accepted into service of the police and the army officer corps of the British Empire and was used in colonial wars in South Africa against the Zulus (1879), Afghanistan (1880) and Sudan (1885).

    model revolver webley pryse

    «Police variant" model Webley Pryse Tayp
    Differed from the base model is basically a shortened barrel,
    A slightly modified form of the bracket and handle
    (Caliber - .450 (11.4 mm), length - 190 mm, barrel length - 89 mm,
    Weight unloaded - 0.7 kg drum capacity - 5 rounds)


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