Revolver Nagant M 1878/1886 / Nagant M 1886

    revolver nagant m 1878/1886 / nagant m 1886

    Nagant M 1878/1886

    In 1878 adopted the Belgian army and the gendarmerie was adopted revolver Nagant M 1878, created a family enterprise Nagant brothers «Fabrique d'Armes Emile et Leon Nagant» (arms factory Emil and Leon Nagant) - older brother Emil revolver. After this gun several times subjected to modifications and delivered abroad for weapons other countries.

    Brothers Naga not satisfied the first successes of their weapons, continued to improve their revolvers. However, progressive blindness Emile Nagant forced him to submit the case to his younger brother - Leon. And already in 1886, saw the light of a new much improved pattern created by Leon 9.4-mm gun.

    revolver nagant m 1878/1886 / nagant m 1886
    scheme USM Nagant M 1878/1886

    New improved model Nagant adopted for service of the Belgian Army under the designation Nagant M 1878/1886, also known as Nagant M in 1886, was still cheaper to produce than a revolver M 1878.


    revolver sample 1886 Leon Nagant tried to correct the shortcomings inherent in the previous models design of his older brother. This revolver unlike other had a few features that are unique to him. The first is applied to the lightweight frame. Underwent major reconstruction and self-cocking trigger mechanism: four springs have been replaced by only one, successfully combines the functions of all the others. This innovation not only greatly simplify the production and maintenance of weapons, but also improved the reliability of its work in the toughest conditions. Replace the old cartridge with black powder was used fresh, with smokeless powder.

    Caliber, mm 9.4
    Length mm 270
    Barrel length, mm 140
    Weight empty, kg 0.940
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Sighting range
    Fire, m

    through changes revolver Nagant M 1878/1886 was able to successfully compete with the much more well-known examples of European and American firms, greatly surpassing the arms market their.

    Design, dimensions and appearance Nagant M 1886, except for the changes were similar revolver Nagant M 1878. The main characteristic of an external sign, which allows to identify the revolver Nagant Model 1886, are recesses in the drum grooves instead of long, open at one edge of the sample in 1878.

    revolver Nagant M 1878/1886 has a monolithic one-piece frame. On the left side of the frame is removable steel cover repeating base shape handle and designed for easy inspection and maintenance mechanisms weapons. In the frame arms screwed octagonal steel barrel. Under the barrel, on the movable sleeve is located rod-ejector sleeves, in firing position located in the axis of the drum. On the outer surface of the drum are oval slots and small valleys for fixing rotations of the drum. Trigger C-shaped. Trigger guard - moving and, if necessary, goes down. Cheeks handle revolver fastened together with a screw. Steel butt plate convex oval handle, reinforced with movable ring for safety cord.

    revolver nagant m 1878/1886 / nagant m 1886
    Nagant M 1878/1886
    Front and rear view

    Sights consist of open-pan flies at the muzzle and the rear sight in the form of a long sighting groove on top of the box, ending its ornamental sight.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    Food weapons carried by a cylindrical drum with six of the bolt. Equips drum through a hinged door to the right and down, on the right side weapons. Removal of spent cartridges from the drum shall be held alternately by means of the ejector rod-axis of the drum rotated around the trunk with his sleeve, and with the door open.

    revolver Nagant M 1878/1886 was adopted by the officer corps of the Belgian Army, paramilitary forces and a number of services. Along with models Nagant M 1878 and 1883 Nagant M stood armed with the Belgian army until the end of World War I, though, by the end of their lifetime they were mostly in the rear units.


    Nagan revolver sample 1886 served as the basis for further modifications being exported to other countries armies.

    revolver nagant m 1878/1886 / nagant m 1886

    Nagant M 1878/1886


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