Revolver Nagant M 1883

    revolver nagant m 1883

    Nagant M 1883

    revolver Nagant M 1878, entered service with the Belgian army got enough appreciation of their combat and service and performance characteristics that influenced the decision of the Belgian Armed Forces Command to unify all the samples of regular personal defense weapon. Nagant revolvers armed officers and personnel of the horse gendarmerie, army warrant officers, noncommissioned officers and senior military assistant staff.

    However, over time

    Nagan revolver sample 1878 with trigger mechanism double action was deemed too costly as a personal weapon privates and non-commissioned officers of the Belgian army, which also quickly spent ammunition. Therefore, in 1883 for arms noncommissioned officers and support staff of the Belgian Army in the company of brothers Nagant «Fabrique d'Armes Emile et Leon Nagant» created a new version of a revolver with a reduced rate of fire.

    new revolver Nagant M was named in 1883. The design of this sample were deliberately amended worsened the fighting qualities of weapons. Instead of self-cocking the gun trigger mechanism was single action mechanism, which was achieved by the absence of specific rod on the trigger and a protrusion on the ratchet, and required pre-cocking the hammer spokes right thumb after each shot.

    The only external difference

    revolver Nagant Model 1883 from a sample of 1878 was the presence of a simpler to manufacture the drum with a smooth surface.

    < td> Sighting range, m
    Caliber, mm 9.4h22
    Length mm 270
    Barrel length, mm 140
    Weight empty, kg 1.100
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 200

    revolver Nagant M 1883 has a whole massive frame. On the left side of the frame is removable lid designed for easy inspection and maintenance mechanisms, secured in the frame arms. Shock-type firing mechanism with open trigger, single action.


    frame arms screwed octagonal steel barrel. Under the barrel, on the movable sleeve is located rod-ejector sleeves, in firing position located in the axis of the drum.

    open sighting devices consist of fly muzzle pillar and a slot in the upper frame wall.

    Food weapons carried by a cylindrical drum with six of the bolt. Drum equips through opening into the side door on the right side weapons. Removal of spent cartridges from the drum shall be held alternately by means of the ejector rod-axis of the drum rotated around the trunk with his sleeve, and with the door open.

    Cheeks handle revolver fastened together with a screw. Steel butt plate convex oval handle, reinforced with movable ring for safety cord. Trigger guard - moving. If necessary descends.

    revolver Nagant M 1883 was simple in design, but had a strong and accurate fight. Excellent performance revolver Nagan helped usher their successful dissemination in the world arms market. As a fairly simple and cheap weapons of personal self-defense in 1883 they entered into service of the Norwegian army under the designation "9mm revolver Nagant M 1883».

    revolver nagant m 1883

    Nagant M 1883


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