Revolver Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg

    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg

    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Officer
    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg
    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Safety
    View of the safety lever

    In the early 1880s, armed with a small European country Luxembourg rifles were Remington-Nagant, The manufactured by the Belgian company «Fabrique d'Armes Emile et Leon Nagant» (arms factory Emil and Leon Nagant). When in 1884 there was a need for a new army has handguns, the Luxembourg Government also requested the Belgian gunsmiths - Nagant brothers, received by the time the popularity of the development and production of their own revolvers.

    As a result, in 1884 by the army of Luxembourg comes a new gun, so called. "Luxembourg" model sample Nagano 1884 - Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg.

    when creating this model was taken as a basis for the Belgian revolver Nagant M 1878, however, altered under Swiss revolver cartridge caliber 7.5 mm. Also was reshaped fly rod and head-ejection port of the drum. In Luxembourg army revolver became known as the Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Officer (later - in 1887, a similar model was adopted by Sweden).

    Caters to equip prison guards was created the original 7.5-mm modification Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Safety. It differed from the base model mounted on the left side of the frame with a safety lever after every shot is automatically set at the breech chambers drum. Thus, the lever prevents unwanted rotation of the drum or the hammer cocked.

    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg

    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Safety

    little later for weapons Gendarmerie Luxembourg was created quite an interesting model - Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Gendarme caliber 9.4 mm. This revolver was used development models used in the Belgian Nagant M 1883 and 1886 Nagant M, and in particular - the drum with a smooth surface and easy double-action. But the most interesting was the wish of the customer specific to the gun was able to be equipped with a detachable bayonet.

    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg

    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Gendarme
    With an installed bayonet
    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg
    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Gendarme
    With special holster

    To install bayonet weapons in the design of a revolver added clutch to be fitted to the barrel and tighten the screws behind the front sight of the special form. Needle quick bayonet cruciform cross-section length of 10 cm was fixed to the clutch plate spring, on the inner side of which was a special tooth for removing the bayonet needed to overcome only one spring. To not interfere with the clutch push rod-ejector to eject spent cartridges from the drum, barrel revolver increased by 20 mm.

    Model 1884 Nagant M Luxemburg Gendarme worn in a special holster allows you to place the weapon together with the coupling and bayonet - in a separate pocket. Sam revolver this sample used in his time a great success in the commercial market among target shooters, rated its accuracy, which provides a longer barrel.

    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg

    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Gendarme
    With disconnected bayonet coupling and

    Revolvers model Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg have whole massive frame. On the left side of the frame is removable lid designed for easy inspection and maintenance mechanisms, crepes in the frame arms.

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    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg
    Officer Safety Gendarme
    Caliber, mm 7.5h23 7.5h23 9.4h22
    Length mm 270 270 290
    Barrel length, mm 140 140 160
    Weight empty, kg 1.100 1.170 1.140
    drum count. cartridges 6 6 6

    frame arms screwed octagonal steel barrel. Under the barrel, on the movable sleeve is located rod-ejector sleeves, in firing position located in the axis of the drum.

    open sighting devices consist of fly muzzle pillar and a slot in the upper frame wall.

    Food weapons carried by a cylindrical drum with six of the bolt. Drum equips through opening into the side door on the right side weapons. Removal of spent cartridges from the drum shall be held alternately by means of the ejector rod-axis of the drum rotated around the trunk with his sleeve, and with the door open.

    Wooden handle

    cheeks revolver fastened together with a screw. Steel butt plate convex oval handle, reinforced with movable ring for safety cord. Trigger guard - moving. If necessary descends.


    Lyuksemubrga militias in the late XIX century had few in number, the models themselves revolvers Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg was released a small amount.

    revolver nagant m 1884 luxemburg

    Nagant M 1884 Luxemburg Gendarme


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