Revolver Nagant M 1887

    revolver nagant m 1887

    Nagant M 1887

    In 1878, Belgium adopted was adopted 9.4-mm revolver Nagant M in 1878, developed a family enterprise Nagant brothers «Fabrique d'Armes Emile et Leon Nagant» (arms factory Emil and Leon Nagant) - older brother Emil revolver. < / p>

    In 1886, the younger brother - Leon Nagant revolver creates an improved model of the sample in 1878, which adopted the officer corps of the Belgian Army, paramilitary forces and the number of services called Nagant M 1878/1886 (also known as Nagant M 1886). < / p> revolver nagant m 1887
    Nagant M 1887
    View of the trunk, and the ejector rod-fly

    Then, given the trends in the development of firearms, developing towards reducing caliber revolver brothers, correctly counted opportunistic demand in the European market, developed a revolver model 1886 under Swiss revolver cartridge caliber 7.5 mm, thus interested potential buyers.

    In 1887, Sweden announced a contest for a new short arms weapons for his army, which was attended by brothers and revolver Nagan. As a result of competitive tests of the new model revolver Nagan won a landslide victory over competitors from Switzerland, Belgium and Austria, and then was adopted by Sweden with the name «7.5 mm revolver Nagant M 1887" (also became known as the Nagant M 1887 Swedish).

    revolver nagant m 1887

    Nagant M 1887

    revolver Nagant M 1887 is a modification of the Belgian sample 1886 and any special design features had not. The main difference between the Swedish sample was the use of 7.5-mm revolver cartridge with smokeless powder and characteristic external difference is the change in shape of the head and fly-rod ejection port of the drum, and narrowed the front part of the frame.

    revolver nagant m 1887
    Nagant M 1887

    revolver Nagant M 1887 has a monolithic one-piece frame. On the left side of the frame is removable steel cover repeating base shape handle and designed for easy inspection and maintenance mechanisms weapons. In the frame arms screwed octagonal steel barrel. Under the barrel, on the movable sleeve is located rod-ejector sleeves, in firing position located in the axis of the drum. On the outer surface of the drum are oval slots and small valleys for fixing rotations of the drum. Trigger C-shaped. Trigger guard - moving and, if necessary, goes down. Cheeks handle revolver fastened together with a screw. Steel butt plate convex oval handle, reinforced with movable ring for safety cord.

    revolver nagant m 1887
    Nagant M 1887
    Top view

    Sights consist of an open rectangular flies at the muzzle and the rear sight in the form of a long sighting groove on top of the box, ending its ornamental sight.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    Food weapons carried by a cylindrical drum with six of the bolt. Equips drum through a hinged door to the right and down, on the right side weapons. Removal of spent cartridges from the drum shall be held alternately by means of the ejector rod-axis of the drum rotated around the trunk with his sleeve, and with the door open.

    revolver nagant m 1887

    Nagant M 1891 Serbian

    In the 1890s, a revolver of the same system was adopted by the Serbian army, which separate the data allegedly was designated Nagant M 1891 Serbian, and other - Nagant M 1893. Moreover, its design and appearance were similar to the Swedish model Nagant M 1887. By external signs can be distinguished from the Swedish Serbian revolver only stigmatized and inscriptions "Vojno drzhavni" on the left side of the frame, and slightly changed since the mechanism of the door, closing the drum on the right side.

    Caliber, mm 7.5h23
    Length mm 235
    Barrel length, mm 114
    Weight empty, kg 0.770
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Sighting range, m 50
    Nagant revolvers

    Production has been established on the Belgian company Nagant brothers.

    However, Sweden is not only bought ready revolvers in Belgium. In 1897, the Swedish state arms factory in Husqvarna (HUSQVARNA) licenses purchased from Nagant brothers, started producing revolvers Nagant M in 1887 and until 1905 released 13,732 of these weapons.

    revolver Nagant sample 1887 was so successful that the army has remained in Sweden until after World War II, and some samples of 7.5 mm caliber i.38 from army surplus sold until 1958. Certain details suggest the existence of modifications chambered for rimfire kalibra.22, but it's likely not the original guns, and later alterations.

    revolver nagant m 1887

    Nagant M 1887
    Production HUSQVARNA


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