Revolver Nagant M 1910

    revolver nagant m 1910

    Nagant M 1910

    Since 1892, the Belgian firm brothers Emil and Leon Nagant takes part in the competition for the Russian government short-modern piece of personal weapons. According to the results of this competition on the Russian army in 1895 was adopted by the revolver Nagant M 1895, became the most successful model of all the brothers Nagant revolvers, largely thanks to the shuttering of the powder gases.

    Caliber, mm 7.62h38
    Length mm 235
    Barrel length, mm 110
    Weight empty, kg 0.795
    drum count. cartridges 7
    Sighting range, m 50

    Then in 1895 the Russian government concludes with a firm contract for the supply of Nagan Russian army over the next three years, 20,000 of these revolvers. After fulfilling the contract production in Belgium was completely stopped and organized in Russia (where, until the mid-twentieth century, was released more than 2 million revolver Nagant model 1895).

    After transferring production to Russia in the late 1890s and due to the limitations provided for Russian contract, the Belgian firm could no longer produce revolvers with obturation gases, so it was organized production revolvers caliber 7.5 mm and 8 mm the same frame, but without shuttering propellant gases that were offered for commercial sale. However, things Leon Nagant, was engaged by the time the development of weapons of their own (since Emile Nagant blind) went downhill. This was explained as the emergence of more and more self-loading pistols in the arms market and limiting the Russian contract, under which his very successful model revolver could not produce. Then Leon Nagant interested in building cars.

    revolver nagant m 1910
    Nagant M 1910
    With unfolded for loading drum

    February 23, 1900 at the age of seventy years, Leon Nagant died. With his death, the company's position in the weapons world has suffered greatly, and fully blinded Emile Nagant could not replace him. The company came under the control of the sons Leon Nagant - Charles (1863 p.) And Maurice (1866 p.), Which at the same time transformed the company from a purely weapons in mixed company for the production of small arms and vehicles. But they could not boast of any progress in the design of small arms, nor the creation of new cars.

    But after the death of his sons, Leon Nagant was developed several modifications revolver M 1895, which were prepared by a number of patents, although nothing new has been established. It was only in 1910, Charles and Maurice Nagant was able to give life to one of the latest models of revolvers with a great name Nagan.

    New 7.62mm revolver Nagant M 1910, in fact, is a compilation of previous designs, differing reclining right drum for simultaneous reloading weapons and minor external changes.


    revolver Nagant M 1910 used the system obturation powder gases, taken in the "Russian" model model 1895. When cocked revolver drum moves forward, and the cone-shaped stump trunk enters the mouth of the bolt. Located behind the cartridge movable breech block is held in place not only the drum, but bottom of a sleeve, not allowing them to move back. When the drum is pushed onto the barrel, tapered Dultsev sleeve enters directly into the bore. When fired, under the influence of gases and moving bullet, it straightens up, blocking the gap between the bolt stump and trunk, resulting in all the powder gases remain inside the weapon.

    revolver nagant m 1910

    Nagant M 1910
    Bottom view

    Revolver has a monolithic one-piece frame. On the left side of the frame is removable steel cover repeating base shape handle and designed for easy inspection and maintenance mechanisms weapons.

    revolver nagant m 1910
    Nagant M 1910
    With unfolded drum In

    frame arms screwed steel barrel of circular cross section.

    Sights consist of an open mobile flies having legs that slides into a slot on the barrel sight base and the rear sight in the form of a long sighting groove on top of the box, ending its ornamental sight.

    Wooden handle

    cheeks revolver fastened together with a screw. Steel butt plate convex oval handle, reinforced with movable ring for safety cord.

    trigger C-shaped. Trigger guard - moving and, if necessary, goes down.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    Food arms ammunition carried by a cylindrical drum with seven of the bolt. On the outer surface of the drum are oval and small valleys for fixing grooves of drum rotations.

    revolver nagant m 1910
    Nagant M 1910
    With unfolded drum

    for loading and removal of spent cartridges drum leans to the right. Lowering the drum is at the opening of the door latch back drum (drum latch is on the right side of the frame, with the drum).


    revolver Nagant M 1910 and became much easier their predecessors due to the possibility of simultaneous charge, he appeared too late, is not interested in almost none of the potential buyers and quickly got off the arms market. Increasingly growing popularity of self-loading pistols led to the fact that even in Belgium has been adopted a Browning pistol.

    Brothers Revolver decided to focus mainly on the production of motor vehicles, phasing out the production of firearms. With arms business was finally finished in 1914, after the occupation of Belgium by the German army during the First World War. Cars also have yielded little income, so in 1930 the company has been quietly Nagant brothers existence. Machinery and equipment for the production of revolvers were sold in Poland, where they are used to produce a revolver "Nagan Model 30" is a copy of a revolver model 1895.

    revolver nagant m 1910

    Nagant M 1910


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