Revolver Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi»

    revolver rossi m873 « lady rossi & # 187;

    Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi»

    In the 1990s the famous Brazilian arms company «Amadeo Rossi» launched a new compact revolver, the designation M873 Lady Rossi. The new revolver was designed as a "pocket" or "ladies" of the weapon, which, thanks to its small size and light weight easily housed in a jacket pocket or purse.

    Caliber, mm 9x29 R
    (.38 S & W Special)
    Length mm 165
    Barrel length mm 51
    Weight empty, kg 0.600
    drum count. cartridges 5

    Like most models Rossi, created on the basis of American revolvers «Smith and Wesson» Brazilian revolver Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi» is not only the name but also the exterior design resembles a revolver Smith and Wesson M60 «Lady Smith».

    Revolver Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi», designed for use patrona.38 Smith & Wesson Special assembled on a lightweight solid frame small sizes. Compared with the same model Rossi M712 weight of the new revolver was reduced from 800 to 600 grams.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action allows for the firing squad to both pre-trigger hand, and the DA mode.

    revolver rossi m873 « lady rossi »

    Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi»
    To reload

    five-shot revolver drum leans to the left. Removal of spent cartridges by the central extractor, which is placed in a firing position under the barrel of the pencil case. Latch drum located on the left side of the frame behind the flap of the drum.

    revolver rossi m873 « lady rossi »
    Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi»

    Barrel top has a narrow bar with beveled front sight back, and at the bottom - the bar-case stem-ejector.

    Sights constant, open type, consist of a foresight and slots on the top plate frame.

    handle weapons equipped with small size plates made of solid hardwood.

    All metal parts

    revolver made of stainless steel, the outer surfaces of the details given a matte finish.

    marking weapon consists of inscriptions AMADEO ROSSI S. A. on the left side of the trunk, the company's trademark on the frame and the words on the medallion ROSSI cheeks handle. Above the trigger guard, left side frame, a pistol is applied title «Lady Rossi».

    Revolver M873 Lady Rossi is designed for concealed carry and use in self-defense. Although due to the short length of the barrel (only 51 mm) Muzzle velocity is small, but it provides patron.38 Special Weapons powerful stopping action.

    for commercial sale in Germany now «Rossi» was arranged delivery revolver model 27, is a modification of «Lady Rossi» under the low-power 4-mm cartridge, which when buying weapons under this cartridge police permission was not required.

    revolver rossi m873 « lady rossi »

    Rossi M873 «Lady Rossi»


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