Revolver Rossi R351 / R352

    revolver rossi r351 / r352

    Rossi R351

    By 1995, in the range known Brazilian arms company «Amadeo Rossi» was 44 model revolvers. Such diversity has reduced the effectiveness of the enterprise. Urgently needed the most significant reorganization and restructuring of production, which was done in 2000.

    Caliber, mm 9x29 R
    (.38 Special)
    Length mm 165
    Barrel length, mm 51
    Weight empty kg
    drum count. cartridges 5

    In 2000, the company "Amadeo Rossi" ceased production of all their revolvers, adjusting the issue instead of two basic models, which are planned to produce in four different versions.

    first model was compact revolver Rossi R351 calculated under patron.38 Smith & Wesson Special, as well as under-reinforced patron.38 Special + P.

    revolver assembled on a lightweight solid frame small size.

    trunk has a small bar at the top with a beveled base flies back and bottom - the bar-case for the ejector rod.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action. Peen hard, so design provides automatic trigger guard.

    revolver rossi r351 / r352
    Rossi R351 (top) and R352 (bottom)

    peculiarity of this revolver - security lock, locking the trigger in the frame. This system is patented by «Taurus» like a normal door lock and operates a miniature key.

    To reload

    five-shot revolver drum leans to the left. Removal of spent cartridges by the central extractor, which is placed in a firing position under the barrel of the pencil case. Latch drum located on the left side of the frame behind the flap of the drum.

    Sights constant, open type, consist of a foresight and slots on the top plate frame.

    handle weapons equipped with small size enveloping cheeks made of hard rubber with finger grooves.

    Revolver Rossi R351 is made of steel and covered with burnished blue.

    same exact gun, but made of stainless steel has Nomenclature Rossi R352.

    marking weapon consists of ROSSI inscription on the left side of the barrel, the company's trademark on the frame and the words on the medallion ROSSI cheeks handle.

    Based revolvers Rossi R351 and R352 model was created Rossi R461 and R462, which differ mainly used cartridge and drum capacity.

    revolver rossi r351 / r352

    Rossi R352


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