Revolver Rossi series Princess / Ranger / Pioneer / Champion / Senator / Sportsman


    Brazilian company «Amadeo Rossi S. A. - Metalurgica e Municoes »from San Leopoldo (Port. Sao Leopoldo) was founded in 1881 by an immigrant gunsmith Italian origin. In the twentieth century, the company "Amadeo Rossi" is the largest independent producer of firearms in South America (entering the top ten world producers of weapons), producing all types of hunting weapons, ranging from rifles and shotguns and pistols and revolvers ending.

    revolver rossi series princess / ranger / pioneer / champion / senator / sportsman

    Revolvers this company basically were created based on the models «Smith & Wesson» with a folding drum that hold the latch on the front of the trigger frame and tide at the bottom of the barrel, as updated models of weapons earlier, for the manufacture of which were used more modern materials.

    earliest revolvers were either models under patron.38 Smith & Wesson Special with a barrel length of 1.5 inches or under patron.22 LR with a barrel length of 5 inches; rotary drum earring in these models are held in place by a spring sleeve ejector rod. Later production, imports of U.S. firm "Garcia Corporation" included several model variants with a barrel length of 3 inches, covered in blue or burnished nickel-plated and designed for patrony.22 LR, .22 Winchester Magnum,. 32 Smith & Wesson, .38 Smith & Wesson Special, as well as a target revolver with a six-inch patron.22 LR barrel. All these choices were a six, except for a modification under the cartridge kalibra.38 drum which was designed for five rounds.

    In the mid-twentieth century was the beginning of a whole line of revolvers Rossi, in which subsequent models, for the most part, represents a change in the previous models and samples were grouped into series. Each series of revolvers - probably for promotional purposes - is assigned its own name. Since modifications of different series were produced in different years, the numbering revolvers get a little confusing.

    revolver rossi series princess / ranger / pioneer / champion / senator / sportsman
    Rossi M13

    In the early 1960s, was launched «Princess series» (Princess Series), revolvers which represented a more modern version of the earlier models, in which the drum is seated spring sleeve placed over the ejector rod. The first model series Princess became a six-shooter Rossi M13 under patron.22 LR, equipped with a barrel length of 75 mm and a lightweight alloy frame and meeting, usually with a nickel-plated. In 1965, a model Rossi M25, is a variant of the model Rossi M13 with a barrel length of 40 mm.

    In 1964 «Ranger series» (Ranger series) opened revolver Rossi M20. Model 20 was a six-chambered kalibra.32 weapon with a barrel length of 75 mm and an improved trigger. Drum seated tide trunk and thumb latch on the frame. A few years later, a model Rossi M28, is a smaller version of a six kalibra.32 revolver model Rossi M27 Pioneer.

    five-shot model Rossi M27 «Pioneer series» (Pioneer series), produced only chambered kalibra.38, first appeared in 1966. Although its design is based on the model of Rossi M20 «Ranger» 27th model was equipped with the trunk length of 100 mm. In 1967, the series was continued by Pioneer model Rossi M31 with a barrel length of 100 mm chambered kalibra.38. Model Rossi M32, appeared simultaneously with the model 31, is an almost exact copy of the model Rossi M27 with a barrel length of 150 mm, and the model Rossi M33 has a barrel length of 75 mm. In 1981 appeared, made of stainless steel, model Rossi M87 Pioneer under patron.38 Special, almost exactly replicates the model Rossi M27 hammer and having integrally formed with the striker, while its prototype peen hammer was detachable and held a transverse pin. Rossi M88 model is very similar to its predecessor, but comes with a barrel length of 150 mm and a variable sight.

    revolver rossi series princess / ranger / pioneer / champion / senator / sportsman

    Rossi M38

    Based revolver Rossi M27 Pioneer model was developed Rossi M38, which became already «Champion series» (Series Champion). Rossi M38 revolver has a barrel length of 100 mm and variable scope. Similar to the model it is designed for Rossi M39 kalibra.32 cartridges and drum has not five, and six rounds. Model Rossi M40, which appeared in 1969, is an enhanced model 38 with a heavier barrel length of 150 mm, and Rossi M41 model differs from the model 39 a barrel length of only 150 mm.

    In 1970 «Senator series» (Senator series) opened six-shot model Rossi M42 under patron.22 LR, possessing a barrel length of 50 mm and a constant sight. Rossi M43 model is almost no different from it, but had a barrel length of 75 mm.

    revolver rossi series princess / ranger / pioneer / champion / senator / sportsman

    Rossi M51

    Model Rossi M42 Senator served as a basis for the revolver Rossi M47, logged-in «Sportsman series» (Series Sportsman), received an adjustable sight and a barrel length of 47 mm. A similar model with her Rossi M48 has a barrel length of 75 mm, and the model Rossi M49 barrel length of 100 mm, and has a more massive appearance. Rossi M50 model differs from the 49th model only barrel, extended to 125 mm, and the model Rossi M51 has a longer barrel - 150 mm.

    In 1973 appeared «Champion II series» (Champion Series II). The first model in this series - Rossi M68 was created on the basis of a series of revolvers "Pioneer", but differs from them adjustable rear sight and front sight inclined base. Five-shot model Rossi M68 under patron.38 Special had a barrel length of 75 mm. Follow Rossi M69 model is a six-modification 68th model under kalibr.32 and Rossi M70 model was calculated under patron.22 LR.

    revolver rossi series princess / ranger / pioneer / champion / senator / sportsman

    Rossi M68
    < / table> Marking

    most revolvers consists of inscriptions AMADEO ROSSI on the left side of the barrel, the company's trademark on the frame and the words on the medallion ROSSI cheeks handle. On some specimens found hallmarks of "Interarms" from Alexandria, Virginia - the basic American firm distributor of this product.

    At the turn of XX-XXI century, new models of the company «Amadeo Rossi» became only assign a numerical-letter designations.

    Калибр.22 LR .22 LR .38 S & W Sp .22 LR .38 S & W Sp
    Length mm 186 150 160 160 186
    Barrel, mm
    75 40 50 50 75
    Weight without
    Cartridges кг
    Count. cartridges
    6 6 5 6 5
    revolver rossi series princess / ranger / pioneer / champion / senator / sportsman

    Rossi M69


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