Revolver Taurus M 441

    revolver taurus m 441

    Taurus M 441
    With a barrel length of 76 mm

    In the first half of the 1990s, the famous Brazilian arms company «Taurus» (Forjas Taurus SA) began to produce revolvers Model 441, calculated under patron.44 Smith & Wesson Special.

    Revolver Taurus M 441 model is a modification of a revolver Taurus M 44 and it differs from the used cartridge, reduced to 5 Camore drum, and the absence of integrated compensator ventilated trunk trims, as well as the use of wooden cheeks.

    revolver taurus m 441
    Taurus M 441
    With a barrel length of 76 mm

    revolvers Taurus M 441 were presented in embodiments with a barrel length of 76 mm (3 "), 102 mm (4") and 152 mm (6 ").

    This weapon has an integral frame and drum cartridges for five chamber.

    drum has a central channel axis, the longitudinal recesses and facilitate cross grooves for locking the drum.

    for reloading weapons drum leans to the left. The simultaneous removal of spent cartridges produced central spring-loaded extractor, ejector rod, which is placed in a firing position in the plastic box under the barrel. Latch drum located on the left side of the frame behind the flap of the drum.

    Barrel top has a massive cooling bar with beveled back sight base, and at the bottom - the bar-case for the ejector rod.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action provides firing from pre-cocking arm and the DA mode.

    Weapons equipped with automatic safety trigger.

    Sights open consist of a large beveled flies back and adjustable rear sight with micrometer screw and clamp.

    revolver taurus m 441

    Taurus M 441
    With a barrel length of 102 mm

    strip (cheeks) handles are made of solid hardwood timber.

    Metal parts are made of steel or stainless steel, and the outer surfaces are shiny nickel or matte-coated blue.

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    Caliber, mm

    10.5x29 R (.44 S & W Special)

    Length mm 191 217 267
    Barrel length, mm 76 102 152
    Weight unloaded kg 1.100 1.200 1.350
    store count. cartridges 5

    marking weapon consists of TAURUS inscription on the trunk, the company's trademark on the frame and the words on the medallion TAURUS cheeks handle.

    Revolvers Taurus M 441 series, as well as other samples of the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus SA», is a high-quality weapons. Through the optimal combination of a powerful patron, relatively low weight and high accuracy of fire, they found their way into the police and paramilitary forces of several countries. Weapons on the civilian market, these revolvers were purchased for hunting, target shooting sports and self-defense.

    revolver taurus m 441

    Taurus M 441
    With a barrel length of 152 mm


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