Revolver Taurus M 450

    revolver taurus m 450

    Taurus M 450 SS2

    In 1999, the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »arranged the production of a new compact Model 450 revolver designed for patron.45 Long Colt.

    revolver taurus m 450
    Taurus M 450 SS2 C Taurus M

    revolver 450 is assembled on the solid drum frame and is provided, on the left side reclining.

    Drum capacity for 5 rounds is secured by a latch rod ejector. While reloading revolver drum leans to the left side and extractor located inside the drum axis, when pressed simultaneously removes immediately all spent cartridges.

    Revolver has a reinforced barrel length 51 mm (2 "). In the upper part of the trunk is built compensator with three gas escape hole on each side of the front sight. In the bottom of the barrel is a container for the extractor rod.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action allows shooting as self-cocking, and with pre-cocking the hammer manually.

    The design provides for a trigger automatic trigger safety. Also equipped with a safety lock arms, locking the trigger in the frame - this security system TSS (Taurus Security System), patented by «Taurus» like a normal door lock and operates a miniature key.


    open sights consist of sight and a back sloped pillar as longitudinal grooves on the upper surface of the frame.

    handle weapons equipped enveloping rubber cheeks.

    revolver taurus m 450

    Taurus M 450 SS2 C

    basic model Taurus M revolver 450 was made of stainless steel.

    Caliber, mm .45 Long Colt
    Length mm 168
    Barrel length, mm 51
    Weight empty, kg 0.79
    0.61 (UL)
    0.56 (T)
    drum count. cartridges 5

    In late 1999, also appeared ultralight modification «Ultra Light», which differed from the base model, made of a light alloy frame and correspondingly smaller mass. In addition, this modification is a new barrel (upper limit and a pencil case a modified form have been extended to the muzzle) and an elongated rod ejection, which began to be used in the base model revolver.

    In 2000 was launched production modifications «Total Titanium», in which it was possible to use the cartridge increased moschnosti.45 Long Colt + P. This model is supplied with titanium frame, barrel and drum.

    Depending on the materials used and the length of the barrel for revolvers adopted certain indexing, where «SS» means that the gun is made of stainless steel (STAINLESS STEEL), «UL» - of light alloys (ULTRA LIGHT), «T» - titanium alloy (TITANIUM); figure after model means a barrel length in inches.

    marking weapon consists of TAURUS inscription on the trunk, the company's trademark on the frame and the words TAURUS with a bull's head on the handle medallion cheeks.

    Revolvers Taurus are of high quality workmanship, reliability and excellent surface finish at a relatively low price.

    revolver taurus m 450

    Taurus M 450 Ultra Light (top) and Total Titanium (below)


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