Revolver Taurus M 454

    revolver taurus m 454

    Taurus M 454 Raging Bull
    Model 454 SS8, Model 454 B6, Model 454 SS5M (top-down)

    In 1997 the company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »was created revolver Model 454 under the powerful cartridge kalibra.454 Casull, which appeared on the arms market with the name« Raging Bull »(Raging Bull).

    Revolver Taurus M 454 Raging Bull is a modification of a revolver Taurus M 444 Raging Bull, which differs from the used cartridge and reduced to 5 rounds capacity drum.

    revolver assembled on a single steel frame large size corresponding approximately L frame revolvers company «Smith and Wesson» and is provided with a drum, swing out to the left side.

    Drum capacity for 5 rounds fixed to the frame by turning the latch earrings. While reloading revolver drum leans to the left side and extractor located inside the drum axis, when pressed simultaneously removes immediately all spent cartridges.

    revolver taurus m 454
    Taurus M 454 SS6 Raging Bull

    Revolvers Taurus M 454 Raging Bull have a heavy reinforced barrel and were originally presented in three versions: with a length of 127 mm (5 "), 165 mm (6.5") and 213 mm (8.375 "). At the top of the barrel is vented strap and built-in equalizer with four gas escape hole on each side of the front sight. In the bottom of the barrel is a container for the extractor rod.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action allows shooting as self-cocking, and with pre-cocking the hammer manually.

    The design provides for a trigger automatic trigger safety. Also equipped with a safety lock arms, locking the trigger in the frame - this security system TSS (Taurus Security System), patented by «Taurus» like a normal door lock and operates a miniature key.

    open Sights consist of a foresight and adjustable rear sight, equipped with a micrometer adjustment and lock. Also on Raging Bull revolvers possible to install an optical sight.

    handle weapons made in the style «combat» enveloping and equipped with rubber cheeks.

    In long-barreled revolvers

    «Raging Bull» company "Taurus" was proposed, and a short-version with a barrel length of 57 mm (2.25 "), which apart from a short trunk and got new fixed sights.

    < td> 157 < td> 1.35
    Caliber, mm 11.5x35 R (.454 Casull)
    Length mm 356 305 267 191
    Height, mm 157 157 157
    Width 45 45 45 45
    Barrel length, mm 213 165 127 57
    Weight empty, kg 1.77 1.49 1.44
    drum count. cartridges 5

    line Revolvers Taurus M 454 have been proposed as of conventional weapons coated steel burnished blue and stainless steel.

    Depending on the materials used and the length of the barrel for revolvers adopted certain indexing, where «SS» means that the gun is made of stainless steel, «B» - of ordinary steel weapons; figure after model means a barrel length in inches.

    marking weapon consists of TAURUS inscription on the trunk, the company's trademark on the frame and the words TAURUS with a bull's head on the handle medallion cheeks.

    At the end of the twentieth century revolvers Taurus M 454 M 444 with steel most powerful models in the production program of the company «Forjas Taurus». They were designed primarily for hunting and target shooting sports, but in some countries they have been used by police as an awesome view of this weapon is able to cool the ardor of even the worst offenders.

    Revolvers Taurus are of high quality workmanship, reliability and excellent surface finish at a relatively low price. Deliveries of these weapons have been established at the time of the arms market in America and Europe.

    revolver taurus m 454

    Taurus M 454 SS2M


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