Revolver Taurus M 85

    revolver taurus m 85

    Taurus M 85 "old model»

    In the early 1980s, the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »was launched revolver Taurus M 85 model, designed for use patrona.38 Special, and was intended as a weapon concealed carry.


    solid was collected on a steel frame and is provided with a drum, on the left side reclining.

    Caliber, mm 9x29 R
    (.38 Special)
    Length mm 165
    Barrel length, mm 51
    Weight empty, kg 0.567
    drum count. cartridges 5

    drum could hold 5 rounds and was recorded using a latch locking tip ejector rod under the barrel at high tide, and a spring-loaded cam plate frame. While reloading revolver drum reclined on the left side and extractor located inside the drum axis, when pressed simultaneously removed once all spent cartridges.


    revolver was offered in versions with a length of barrels of 51 mm (2 ") and 76 mm (3"), but the most widespread model with a barrel length of 51 mm. Under the barrel is a container for weapons extractor rod.

    trigger mechanism of dual action allows shooting as self-cocking, and with pre-cocking the hammer manually.

    To protect against accidental firing with a trigger by a separate element (plate), transmitting the hammer blow inertial impactor only when fully depressed the trigger. Due to this random shot was excluded even when the revolver on the concrete floor.

    revolver taurus m 85

    Taurus M 85 "old model»

    fixed sights consist of a front sight and a rear sight as longitudinal grooves on the upper surface of the frame.

    strip handle made of solid hardwood timber.

    Metal parts made of stainless steel weapons and had a special coating to protect against corrosion.

    revolver taurus m 85
    TSS (Taurus Security System)

    Revolvers Taurus M 85 was originally produced only from steel with burnished finish, but in 1993 was launched version and stainless steel.

    In the second half of the 1990s revolvers Taurus M 85 have been modified. On the "new models" set safety lock trigger lock in a frame - this security system TSS (Taurus Security System), patented by «Taurus» like a normal door lock and operates a miniature key. Length foam extractor rod as the rod itself extractor lengthened. Wooden overhead cheeks replaced by wrapping of dense rubber. Reshaped the sights and grips.

    revolver taurus m 85

    Taurus M 85 B2

    Also in the line of revolvers model Taurus M 85 began to appear variants made with different materials.

    In 1997 was created ultralight model Taurus M 85 UL (Ultra Light). This revolver supplied frame of lightweight alloy steel barrel and the housing to accommodate the ejector rod of stainless steel or carbon steel blue bluing. Mass M UL 85 was 482 g, which was less than 85 g weight revolver, made entirely of steel.

    revolver taurus m 85

    Taurus M 85 SS2 UL

    In 1999, a model Taurus M 85 Total Titanium, which made possible the use of cartridge increased moschnosti.38 Special + P. This model is supplied with titanium frame, barrel and drum. Revolver was presented with very different types of coating and tint - blue glossy, frosted blue, frosted golden, light - and dark gray. Also equipped with built-in steel barrels compensators with three holes on both sides of the front sight. Mass revolver made of titanium was 437 g

    revolver taurus m 85

    Taurus M 85 TBC

    In 1999, options were also developed with the trigger mechanism double action only, without the possibility of cocking the hammer manually (by the absence of spokes trigger for pre-cocking), coated with blue and burnished stainless steel.

    revolver taurus m 85
    Taurus M 85 CH UL T
    With trigger mechanism double action only

    In 2000 there was a modification Taurus M 85 Police Ultra Light Titanium. This revolver was equipped with a titanium barrel with integrated compensator and titanium drum. The trigger mechanism is double action only. Weight of this weapon was only 369 g, but despite this, it has also been designed to use the cartridge increased moschnosti.38 Special + P.

    Depending on the materials used and the length of the barrel was adopted certain indexing of these weapons - for example, "2" means a barrel length in inches, «SS» means that the gun is made of stainless steel, «B» - made of ordinary weapons steel, «UL» - made of light alloys, «T» - made of titanium alloy, «CH» - with a trigger double action only (CONCEALED HAMMER). Besides the name and color could affect parts of weapons.

    marking weapon consists of TAURUS inscription on the trunk, the company's trademark on the frame and the words TAURUS with a bull's head on the handle medallion cheeks.

    Revolvers Taurus M 85 is a compact, highly reliable weapon designed for concealed carry and engage the enemy at a distance of up to 25 m The small size allowed to place these weapons in a jacket pocket or purse. Has become the hallmark of high quality manufacturing finished and reliability sufficiently low price. Special forces of the army and police in some countries began to use guns 85th model as a backup weapon. At the same revolvers Mpdel 85 at the time earned recognition not only as a light police weapons, but also received a demand for the commercial market weapons America and Europe.

    revolver taurus m 85

    Taurus M 85 UL T


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