Revolver Taurus M 856

    revolver taurus m 856

    Taurus M856B2

    In 2008, the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »has developed a new compact revolver Taurus M 856, designed for use patrona.38 Special, and intended as a weapon concealed carry.

    Revolver Taurus M 856 is a modification of the "new model" revolver Taurus M 85, from which it differs in the increased capacity of the drum to 6 rounds.

    M856B2 M856SS2 M856HL2MG
    Caliber, mm 9x29 R (.38 Special)
    Length mm 165
    Barrel, mm
    Unloaded, kg
    0.56 0.56 0.37
    Count. cartridges

    base model 856 is also collected on a single steel frame and is equipped with a drum, swing out to the left side.

    drum holds 6 rounds and is secured by a latch locking tip ejector rod under the barrel at high tide, and a spring-loaded cam plate frame. While reloading revolver drum leans to the left side and extractor located inside the drum axis, when pressed simultaneously removes immediately all spent cartridges.

    revolver has a barrel length of 51 mm (2 "). Under the barrel is a container for the extractor rod.

    trigger mechanism of dual action allows shooting as self-cocking, and with pre-cocking the hammer manually.

    To protect against accidental firing with a trigger by a separate element (plate), transmitting the hammer blow inertial impactor only when fully depressed the trigger. Due to this random shot excluded even when the revolver on the concrete floor. Also equipped with a locking trigger safety lock - this security system, patented by «Taurus» like a normal door lock and operates a miniature key.

    revolver taurus m 856

    Taurus M856SS2

    fixed sights consist of a front sight and a rear sight as longitudinal grooves on the upper surface of the frame.

    wraps pad handles made of hard rubber.

    Metal parts are made of stainless steel weapons and subjected to a special coating to protect against corrosion.

    revolver taurus m 856
    Taurus M856HL2MG In

    model of steel with burnished finish Model 856 B2, the company «Taurus» was launched production version and stainless steel Model 856 SS2.


    version was developed ultralight revolver Model 856 HL2MG, which was made from magnesium alloy and has an adjustable horizontal entirely. However, if in the previous embodiments, revolvers Taurus M cartridge 856 may use an elevated moschnosti.38 Special + P, then model 856 HL2MG prohibited.

    Depending on the materials used and the length of the barrel was adopted indexing certain weapons: the "2" means a barrel length in inches; «SS» means that the gun is made of stainless steel, «B» - of ordinary steel weapons, «MG "- magnesium alloy;« HL »- HY-LITE - means ultralight.

    marking weapon consists of TAURUS inscription on the trunk, the company's trademark on the frame and the words TAURUS with a bull's head on the handle medallion cheeks.

    Revolvers Taurus M 856 is a compact weapon designed for concealed carry and engage the enemy at a distance of up to 25 m Their distinguishing feature was the high manufacturing quality and reliability at a sufficiently low price.

    revolver taurus m 856

    Taurus M856HL2MG


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