Revolver Webley № 1 «The Pug»

    revolver webley № 1 « the pug & , # 187;

    Webley № 1 «The Pug»

    In the mid-1870s designers British firm «Webley & Son» Birmingham was designed pocket revolver Webley № 1, dubbed «The Pug». The revolver was designed for rimfire cartridge (Rim Fire) kalibra.41 and had a short thick trunk length of 2.38 inches, due to which, apparently, and got its name («Pug» in English the "Pug"). < / p>

    Revolver Webley № 1 «The Pug» had the whole frame with the barrel inserted. In the upper part of the stem housed strap.

    < td> 60.4
    Caliber .41,
    Length mm 156
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight empty, kg 0.45
    drum count. cartridges 5

    Weapon was a simple smooth five-shot drum. The axis of the drum served rod with a flat pan head screw firmly fixed on the left side of the frame. When nominating the rod forward, the drum freely removed.

    Equipment revolver ammunition carried on the right side of the frame through the hinged charging door opens to the side.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out alternately with a short ramrod-ejector. Extractor rod was in the arm, where he remained spherical tip thread.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action. On the left side of the frame for the drum located just a trigger guard.

    Sights open consisted of front and rear sights. Fly had a semicircular shape, and entirely represents V-neck on the top plate frame.

    short arm had silnoizognutuyu form and supplied with wooden cheeks with a notch or cheeks made of ivory.

    revolver webley № 1 « the pug »

    Webley № 1 «The Pug»

    model kalibra.41 chambered rimfire, by «Webley & Son» were also offered options such weapons chambered kalibra.44 rimfire (Rim Fire), as well as kalibrov.442 i.450 central ignition (Center Fire), indicating that the labeling of the left side frame.

    Revolver Webley № 1 «The Pug» was quite simple and convenient weapon of its time, but already in 1878 he was replaced in the production of a more perfect pocket model Webley № 2 British Bull Dog.

    revolver webley № 1 « the pug »

    Webley № 1 «The Pug»

    revolver webley № 1 « the pug »

    Webley № 1 «The Pug»


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