Revolver Webley № 2 British Bull Dog

    revolver webley № 2 british bull dog

    Webley № 2 British Bull Dog sample 1878

    In 1878 a British company «Webley & Son» from Birmingham, which had already enjoyed an excellent reputation, began to manufacture pocket revolver proprietary Webley № 2, dubbed «British Bull Dog». Revolver was intended primarily for commercial sale as a weapon of self-defense, was designed by a powerful 11-mm cartridge, had a short barrel and handle, because of what apparently got its name (English Bulldog (British bulldog) - dog bodyguard small, powerful, short-legged and tupomordaya).

    Caliber, mm 11.4 (. 450)
    11.2 (.442)
    Length mm 159
    Barrel length, mm 64
    Weight empty, kg 0.455
    Drum, count . cartridges 5

    Revolver Webley № 2 British Bull Dog had the whole frame with attached barrel.

    cross section at the muzzle of the barrel was more than the breech. In the upper part of the stem housed strap.

    Weapons had a removable five-shot drum with locking rear drum stopper, which rose from the bottom of the frame when you press the trigger and the hammer cocked.

    Equipment revolver ammunition was carried through the hinged charging right-side door frame, opens to the side.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out alternately, which could be used for stock-ejector. Extractor rod was placed in the central axis of the hollow drum weapons that could get to insert the bolt into the corresponding drum. When removing the extractor arms drum can be removed by pulling it forward axis for flat knurled head.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action. There was a fuse turns off when you press the trigger.

    Sights open consisted of front and rear sights. Fly had a semicircular shape, and entirely represents V-neck on the top plate frame.

    short arm had silnoizognutuyu form of the "bird's head" and equipped with a wooden cheeks with a notch or cheeks made of ivory.

    revolver webley № 2 british bull dog

    Webley № 2 British Bull Dog sample 1878

    Revolver Webley № 2 British Bull Dog repeatedly modified. The first version of the sample in 1878 was calculated under the cartridge kalibra.442 (11.2 mm). Soon, the version chambered kalibra.450 (11.4 mm), and then kalibra.44 rimfire.

    revolver webley № 2 british bull dog
    Webley № 2 British Bull Dog
    (View on the upper limit of the barrel and frame)

    Also earlier version of the sample in 1878, the so-called "First Model» (First Model), had a simple drum with a smooth surface. And in 1883 there was "the second model» (Second Model), which differed from the drum grooves, thus save some weight, and slightly elongated handle, allowing weapons, designed for powerful cartridge, it makes it easier to hold in your hand.


    revolvers Webley № 2 British Bull Dog consisted of inscriptions «THE BRITISH BULL DOG» on the top plate and frame «P. WEBLEY & SON »on the upper limit of the barrel, the brand« WEBLEY'S »the model number (№ 2) and caliber and nameplate« W & S »on the left side of the frame.

    Numerous options

    revolvers model British Bull Dog, issued in 1878 - 1914 years, intended primarily for commercial sale (although some models have been used by police and military) and actively disseminated, both in England and in the colonies of the British Empire. < / p> revolver webley № 2 british bull dog
    Webley № 2 British Bull Dog sample 1883
    (Rear view)

    They quickly gained much popularity, becoming one of the most successful handheld samples firm Webley. These revolvers were distinguished by simplicity, reliability and easy operation, proved to be quite powerful and effective weapon in close combat, as well as convenient for concealed carry.

    «Bulldogs" have become so popular that they began to create copies in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and even the United States. More than others succeeded in this Belgian gunsmiths. Initially, the company engaged in production of this weapon is almost completely copied the English counterpart - often these fakes can be distinguished from the present "Vebleya" only by the absence of branded British stamps, but soon manufacturers began to make some changes to the original design.

    Over time the name "Bulldog" has become a household name, having been extended to the class of short-caliber revolvers.

    revolver webley № 2 british bull dog

    Webley № 2 British Bull Dog sample 1883


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