Revolver Webley № 5 Army Express

    revolver webley № 5 army express

    Webley № 5 Army Express

    Soon after in 1877, the American company «Colt» released a new double-action revolver, a British company «Webley & Son» followed suit and created almost the same model. The new revolver firm Webley, intended for the armed forces of Britain received the designation «Webley № 5 Army Express».

    revolver webley № 5 army express
    Webley № 5 Army Express (view of the drum and the charging door)

    Revolver Vebleya was calculated under kalibr.450 (11.4 mm), but, like other military models of the time, could use cartridges kalibrov.455 (11.5 mm) i.476 (12.1 mm).

    Revolver Webley № 5 Army Express had the whole frame.

    Octagonal barrel higher and narrower top bar is screwed into the frame. The cross section at the muzzle of the barrel is greater than the breech.

    Weapons had a six removable drum. The axis of the drum served plated with knurled screw. When nominating the rod forward, the drum freely removed.

    Equipment revolver ammunition was carried through the hinged charging right-side door frame, opens to the side.

    revolver webley № 5 army express
    Webley № 5 Army Express (view of the extractor device below)

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out alternately, which could be used by a spring-loaded rod-ejector. Extractor rod was placed in a hollow tube, which was attached to the frame with two screws on the right side weapons.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action. Trigger had "clear" and safety catch.

    revolver webley № 5 army express

    Webley № 5 Army Express
    (View on the sights and extractor above)
    Caliber, mm 11.4 (.450),
    Length mm 267
    Barrel length, mm 140
    Weight empty, kg 1.1
    Drum, count . cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 213

    Sights open consisted of front and rear sights. Fly had a semicircular shape, and entirely represents a cutout on the top plate frame.

    Handle had a curved shape such as "bird's head" wooden cheeks and knurled ring for a safety strap.


    revolvers Webley № 5 Army Express consisted of inscriptions «WEBLEY'S» the model number (№ 5) and the caliber on the right side of the frame, as well as proprietary logos «W & S» in the form of a bullet with wings flying on the left side of the frame. On the top rod frame could be the inscription «WEBLEY & SON» and «BIRMINGHAM», or «ARMY & NAVY C. S. L. »and« EXPRESS ».

    revolver webley № 5 army express

    Webley № 5 Army Express


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