Revolver Webley-Kaufmann

    revolver webley-kaufmann


    In 1880, the company «Webley & Son» launched a new revolver, received the name «Webley-Kaufmann». This weapon appeared thanks to development of a talented designer of small arms Michael Kaufman (Mikael Kaufmann), collaborated with the firm Webley in 1878-1881 years.

    Webley-Kaufmann was a revolver with a break in two to recharge frame and simultaneous extraction of all cartridges. The main innovation in it for the frame steel latch and a new trigger mechanism double action.

    Octagonal barrel was the upper limit of the tide and at the muzzle to fly.

    locking system framework was quite interesting. Rear overhang on the top plate falls into the corresponding slot in the breech, and through the bar and breech passes cylindrical bore diameter of about 4 mm for the locking bolt. When you press the lever on the left side of the spring bolt is pushed out and the barrel swings down on a hinge.

    Caliber, mm 11.5 (. 455)
    12.1 (.476)
    Length mm 279
    Barrel length, mm 146
    Weight empty, kg 1.135
    Drum, count . cartridges 6

    Simple six-drum had normal timing extractor, which was put forward automatically when the frame disclosed.

    trigger mechanism had a double action trigger return.

    Sights open consisted of front and rear sights. Fly had a semicircular shape, and entirely represents a cutout on the top plate frame.

    trigger guard is made integral with the frame of a single piece of metal.

    Handle had a curved shape such as "bird's head" wooden cheeks and knurled ring for a safety strap.

    revolver webley-kaufmann


    revolvers Webley-Kaufmann consisted of inscriptions «WEBLEY PATENT'S» and branded logo «W & S» in the form of a flying bullet with wings on the left side of the frame, as well as inscribed in the triangle monogram designer "MK" and numbers denote the corresponding Patent right side frames.

    This weapon was designed for use with cartridges kalibra.455 i.476 Enfield.

    gun itself was a rather powerful, convenient and reliable weapon, serving as a basis for the famous series of revolvers «WG», which were produced by Webley in 1882.

    revolver webley-kaufmann



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