Revolver Webley Metropolitan Police / Short Barrelled New Model

    revolver webley metropolitan police / short barrelled new model

    Webley Metropolitan Police
    Sample 1880

    In 1867, the company «Webley & Son» Birmingham released a new revolver. In 1868, this weapon was accepted into service the Royal Police Ireland (Royal Irish Constabulary), received an appropriate name RIC.

    Design RIC revolver was so successful that the owner of the company «Webley & Son» Philip Webley (Philip Webley) permanently stopped production on this model, releasing it in different versions. So model RIC model 1867, which received the designation Webley RIC № 1, 1872 has been modernized, receiving designation Webley RIC № 2. And in 1880 was offered a short-modification of the model number 2, which was adopted by the Metropolitan Police, received the name «Metropolitan Police».

    Revolver Webley Metropolitan Police is a modification of a revolver Webley RIC № 2 early release, which differed from the reduced barrel length and minor changes in the shape of individual elements.

    Caliber, mm 11.4
    Length mm 159
    Barrel length, mm 64
    Weight empty, kg 0.735
    drum count. cartridges 6

    This model had a whole box.

    At the top of the barrel located plank.

    Weapons had a simple six-cylinder with locking rear drum stopper, which rose by pressing the trigger of the bottom of the frame.

    Equipment revolver ammunition was carried through the hinged charging right-side door frame, opens to the side.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out alternately using rod-ejector. Extractor rod was placed in the central axis of the hollow drum weapons that could get to insert the bolt into the corresponding drum. When removing the extractor arms drum can be removed by pulling it forward axis for flat knurled head.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open hammer, who had a "clear", single action. There was a fuse turns off when you press the trigger.

    Sights open consisted of front and rear sights. Fly had a semicircular shape, and entirely represents V-neck on the top plate frame.

    Solid wood handle was attached to the frame and had a vertical screw the bottom back plate with a ring for a safety strap.

    revolver webley metropolitan police / short barrelled new model

    Webley Short Barrelled New Model
    With disconnected drum

    In 1883, the company «Webley & Son» released another modification revolver Webley RIC № 1, which received the designation «Webley RIC № 1 New Model» and differed from the basic model in the main external changes of individual parts (the main change was the presence of recesses drum). Then in 1883, as well as with one Webley RIC № 2 was proposed and snub model Webley RIC № 1 New Model, which received the designation «Short Barrelled New Model» (short-New Model).

    In 1884 revolver Short Barrelled New Model was adopted by the City of London Police, Metropolitan Police model replacing the sample in 1880 and received its name.

    revolver webley metropolitan police / short barrelled new model

    Webley Metropolitan Police
    Sample 1883
    revolver webley metropolitan police / short barrelled new model
    Webley Metropolitan Police in the version New South Wales Police
    (Top view of the rear sight)

    Revolver Metropolitan Police quickly gained a lot of popularity, becoming one of the most successful short-samples that are based on revolvers Webley RIC. He was distinguished by reliability and easy operation, proved to be quite powerful and effective weapon in close combat, as well as convenient for concealed carry. This model has become popular not only in the City of London Police, but in New South Wales, Australia, and other British colonies.


    revolver Metropolitan Police consisted of inscriptions «P. WEBLEY & SON »and« LONDON & BIRMINGHAM »on the top plate frame, as well as the brand« WEBLEY'S »and hands in handcuffs and letters M. P. the left side frame. Also on the left side of the frame on the model of the sample in 1880 was further trademark «W & S», model sample 1883 - word «POLICE» over trademark Webley, and export the model in New South Wales - the inscription «N. S. W. Police »(designating« New South Wales Police »).

    revolver webley metropolitan police / short barrelled new model

    Webley Metropolitan Police (New South Wales Police) of the sample in 1883,
    Comprised armed police in New South Wales


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