Revolver Webley Mk I (Mark I)

    revolver webley mk i (mark i)

    Webley Mk I

    In 1880, the British Army was adopted revolver «Enfield Mk I», which in 1881 improved to version «Enfield Mk II». However, these weapons are not completely satisfied military, and the search continued for a suitable model. By 1886 the only real contenders for adoption as a service revolver were only «Smith & Wesson» Knuckleboom frame and the new model «Webley».

    Caliber, mm 11.5
    Length mm 216
    Barrel length, mm 102
    Weight empty, kg 0.96
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 183

    owner of «Webley & Son», to use by the time an excellent reputation, knew that the best foundation for business development are the large government contracts, and spent a lot of effort to prepare the groundwork models, the details of which would be interchangeable. In the early 1880s, was developed and put into production model «WG», marked the beginning of a series of revolvers who enjoyed great commercial demand. And in the second half of the 1880s specifically for the British armed forces was proposed revolver, which was a model of development of civil «WG».


    after extensive and thorough testing in the second half of 1887 was officially approved for use by the military department and adopted by the British Army under the designation Webley Mk I (Webley Mark I).

    Compared with a revolver Smith & Wesson model Webley Mk I, also having the disconnecting frame was equipped with a safety lock lock. Tests confirmed the reliability and security of the castle Webley-Green, as if the latch was not closed properly, could happen only two things: either the ledge at the top of the trigger safety latch pushed into position and could shoot a gun, he or stopper latch and striker not concerned patron.

    revolver webley mk i (mark i)
    Webley Mk I
    (Front view)

    This revolver was similar to a commercial sample «WG» sample in 1885, but had significant differences: the barrel was shortened to 4 inches (102 mm), the trigger guard was the removable handle and more comfortable, to ensure convenience fly received a semicircular shape and frame in front of the drum - horizontal shelves (to the edge of the drum do not catch on the holster) and a number of other changes.


    Webley Mk I was a revolver with a break in two to recharge frame and simultaneous extraction of all sleeves.

    trunk had the upper limit of the tide and at the muzzle with a permanent front sight.

    Locking framework implemented fairly simple lock system Green (Green), having the form U-shaped bracket, the top crossbar exciting shank upper half of the frame. Lock control lever on the left side of the box, when you click on the crossbar that moves back and freed the upper part of the frame. On the right side of the frame is open V-shaped located flat spring lock. The design is conceived so that until the latch is closed, the nasal part of the hammer can not reach the primer of the cartridge.

    revolver webley mk i (mark i)
    Webley Mk I
    (Top view)

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    Food arms ammunition was carried out of the drum capacity of six rounds. Extraction of spent cartridges carried out automatically - when you press the lock lever locking frame revolver breaks the drum opened, spring star pushed out spent cartridges. In "Shattered" position produced and loading arms.

    Sights open. Direct fly semicircular located at high tide at the muzzle, and the rear sight was a notch in the top of the lock lever frame.

    Handle had a curved shape such as "bird's head" and ring for a safety strap. Cheeks with shallow notch lever were prepared, as a rule, dark ebonite.

    revolver webley mk i (mark i)

    Webley Mk I *

    In 1894 revolver Webley Mk I underwent modernization. In breech frame was added a special removable steel plate, which was supposed to prevent the erosion of the hole for the passage of the striker. If this hole was developed and became too large, shield easily replaced. Change was considered so serious that allowed to talk about the new model received the designation Webley Mk I *.

    Also in 1915 for naval units were offered the option of Webley Mk I **, is a compilation of various models. One of the samples was a modification of the model Mk I or Mk I * with a perfect switch fixing drum, which became used, starting with the Mk III, as well as with the barrel of the Mk IV and the drum from the Mk V. Another sample was a modification of the model Mk I or Mk I * with switch lock drum, which became used, starting with the Mk III, as well as a 152 mm barrel, followed in the Mk IV and Mk V with detachable sight and drum from Mk V.

    Revolver model Webley Mk I was a rugged, compact weapon with a short barrel and became the prototype for all later military models of the company «Webley».

    revolver webley mk i (mark i)

    Webley Mk I **


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