Revolver Webley Mk IV (Mark IV)

    revolver webley mk iv (mark iv)

    Webley Mk IV

    In 1887, the British Army was adopted revolver Webley Mk I (Mark I), created by «Webley & Son». By 1894 revolver Webley Mk I was so modernized that it was decided to release a new model called the Webley Mk II (Mark II), and in 1897 production was launched modification of weapons adopted for service with the designation England Webley Mk III (Mark III).

    revolver webley mk iv (mark iv)
    Webley Mk IV

    In 1897, the company «Webley & Son» was transformed into a company «Webley & Scott Revolver and Arms Co» (by merging «Webley & Son» with firms «WC Scott & Sons» and «Richard Ellis & ; Son »), which has continued to work to improve the army revolvers series Webley« Mark ».

    In 1899 the company «Webley & Scott Revolver and Arms Co» released revolver Webley Mk IV (Mark IV).

    approved in 1899 by the British War Department, this revolver was the first staff weapon produces only chambered kalibra.455. Predecessors, continues to produce, depending on the wishes of the customer, could be designed for ammunition kalibrov.442, .455 i.476, although by 1899 patron.455 was recognized standard military cartridge, and all other gauges are deprecated.


    standardization ammunition, model Webley Mk IV, according to the new specification, the frame and the barrel started to make more of high quality metal, and some friction parts supplied with a hardened surface to prevent rapid wear. Trigger is lighter and socket latch on the drum wider. Also been improved and the latch lever lock drum. All these improvements were aimed at improving the reliability and longer life, without affecting the basic design.

    revolver webley mk iv (mark iv)

    Webley Mk IV

    Structurally this weapon was a revolver with a break in two to recharge frame and simultaneous extraction of all sleeves.

    Barrel length of 4 inches (102 mm) and 7 right-handed rifling had the upper limit of the tide and at the muzzle with a permanent front sight.

    revolver webley mk iv (mark iv)
    Webley Mk IV

    Locking frame lock system carried Green having the form U-shaped bracket, the top crossbar exciting shank upper half of the frame. Lock control lever on the left side of the box, when you click on the crossbar that moves back and freed the upper part of the frame. On the right side of the frame is open V-shaped located flat spring lock.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open hammer having a "clear" double action.

    Food arms ammunition was carried out of the drum capacity of six rounds. Extraction of spent cartridges produced automatically - when you press the lock lever locking frame revolver breaks the drum opened, spring star pushed out spent cartridges. In "Shattered" position produced and loading arms.

    The lower stem the tide before drum set horizontal shelves are designed for easy directions holstered weapons and reduce its edge hooks behind the drum.

    Sights open. Fly semicircular located in a small tide at the muzzle, and entirely represents a cutout in the top of the lock lever frame.

    Handle had a curved shape such as "bird's head" and ring for a safety strap. Cheeks handles with shallow notch made of hard rubber.

    < td> 102
    Caliber, mm 11.5 (. 455)
    Length mm 235
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight empty, kg 1.020
    drum count. cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 198

    marking weapons consisted of hallmarking inscription «MARK IV» on the left side of the web frames above the drum, as well as «WEBLEY PATENTS» and «MARK IV» on the left side of the frame below the drum.

    Revolver Webley Mk IV is often called the "Boer model", which is partly explained by the fact that its adoption for service coincided with the outbreak of hostilities in Southern Africa (Boer War), and by the fact that the guides there were battalions of volunteers is armed with this weapon.

    in 1905 specifically for the officers this model, similar to Mark III, was released with a barrel length of 152 mm, and with the 1920 company «Webley & Scott» began to produce modifications of these weapons, designed for cartridges kalibrov.22 LR , .32 S & W Long, .38 S & W, .38 Webley Special i.380 Mk II, with a length of barrels 3 inches (76 mm), 4 in. (102 mm), 5 inch (127mm) and 6 inches (152 mm).

    revolver webley mk iv (mark iv)

    Webley Mk IV


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