Revolver Webley «WG» M 1889

    revolver webley « wg & # 187 ; m 1889

    Webley «WG» M 1889

    In 1882 the company «Webley & Son» launched a revolver, marked the beginning of a large and well-known series, received the name «WG».

    The model 1882 had collected the most successful discoveries firm Webley, were used in previous samples revolvers. The trigger mechanism Kaufman, supplemented switch fixing drum Prize, were also taken into account the experience and models «Wilkinson-Webley», and «Enfield Mk I / Mk II». At the same time the most important addition was the locking system framework developed by inventor Edvinsson Green (Green).

    In 1885 WG revolver undergone modifications. Switch fixing drum design Prize, replaced a large slotted screw on the head. Also undergone some changes mechanism ejection port.

    In 1889

    upgraded revolver sample 1885. The model 1889 abandoned arm of the "bird's head" and used the handle of a flared shape.

    Caliber, mm 11.5 (. 455)
    12.1 (.476)
    Length mm 286
    Barrel length, mm 152
    Weight empty, kg 1.135
    Drum, count . cartridges 6
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 198

    Webley «WG» M 1889 was similar to the model in 1885 and was a revolver with a break in two to recharge frame and simultaneous extraction of all sleeves.

    Octagonal barrel was the upper limit of the tide and at the muzzle to fly.

    Locking frame carried lock system Green (Green), having the form U-shaped bracket, the top crossbar exciting shank upper half of the frame. Lock control lever on the left side of the box, when you click on the crossbar that moves back and freed the upper part of the frame. On the right side of the frame is open V-shaped located flat spring lock. The design is conceived so that until the latch is closed, the nasal part of the hammer can not reach the primer of the cartridge.

    hammer-type firing mechanism with open trigger, double action.

    Food arms ammunition was carried out of the drum capacity of six rounds. Grooves on the surface of the drum had not semicircular and pointed end.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out automatically - when you press the lock lever locking frame revolver breaks the drum opened, spring star pushed out spent cartridges. In "Shattered" position produced and loading arms.

    Sights open. The front sight is installed in a rush at the muzzle, and entirely represents a cutout in the top of the lock lever frame.

    handle had flared shape ring for a safety strap. Cheeks handles with shallow incision had wood or of material resembling hard rubber.

    Due to the shape of the handle

    coverage weapons become much easier than in previous models, and athletes began using arrows Webley «WG» M in 1889 as a quality target revolver. Somewhat later for this purpose was vypushena special modification with a barrel length of 7.5 inches and improved iron sights.

    revolver webley « wg & # 187; m 1889

    Webley «WG» M 1889


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