Revolver Webley «WP» Pocket Hammerless Model

    revolver webley « wp & # 187 ; pocket hammerless model

    Webley «WP» Pocket Hammerless Model

    In 1898, the company «Webley & Scott Revolver and Arms Co» (formed in 1897 through the merger of the company «Webley & Son» with firms «WC Scott & Sons» and «Richard Ellis & Son») developed pocket revolver kalibra.320, dubbed «Pocket Hammerless Model». This weapon was the first model in a series of small pocket revolvers «WP» («Webley Pocket»).

    revolver webley « wp » pocket hammerless model
    Webley «WP» Pocket Hammerless Model

    Revolver Pocket Hammerless was created using modified developments of the company «Webley & Son», applied in different models Webley revolvers previous releases. So was used to break in frame with the simplified mechanism for its Green locking and simultaneous extraction of all cartridges. However, the designers used and new solutions by applying a new system of fixing the drum and skid guard over a hidden trigger.


    Webley Pocket Hammerless Model was a revolver with a break in two to recharge frame and simultaneous extraction of all sleeves.

    short 3-inch barrel was the upper limit of the tide at the muzzle to fly.

    Locking framework to implement simplified lock system Green having the form U-shaped bracket, the top crossbar exciting shank upper half of the frame. Unlike the classic castle Green control lever on the left side of the frame, when clicked, which departed the crossbar back and freed the upper part of the frame in the revolver model WP lever out and the lock opened by pulling back the top crossbar. On the right side of the frame is open V-shaped located flat spring lock.

    revolver webley « wp » pocket hammerless model
    Webley «WP» Pocket Hammerless Model
    (Clearly visible skid fuse)

    hammer-type firing mechanism with closed trigger. Above is a hidden trigger skid fuse controls the movement back and forth. Statement of weapons carried by sliding the cursor in the progression fuse ago when opening inscription «SAFE».

    Food arms ammunition was carried out of the drum capacity of six rounds.

    extraction of spent cartridges carried out automatically - when you press the lock lever locking frame revolver breaks the drum opened, spring star pushed out spent cartridges. In "Shattered" position produced and loading arms.

    Sights open. The front sight is at high tide at the muzzle, and entirely represents a cutout in the top of the lock lever frame.

    short arm had silnoizognutuyu form. Cheeks handle, usually made of a material resembling hard rubber with a shallow notch.

    < td> 76
    Caliber, mm 7.0 (. 320)
    Length mm 178
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight empty, kg 0.510
    drum count. cartridges 6

    could meet with a nickel-plated revolver options and cheeks pearl handle.

    marking weapons consisted of inscriptions «WEBLEY PATENT» and «WP.320» on the right side of the frame, brand logo «W & S» in the form of a flying bullet with wings on the left side of the frame, as well as large letters «WP» on cheeks.

    Overall Webley «WP» Pocket Hammerless was a quite reliable pocket revolver. He had a small size and weight, rounded shapes and hidden trigger, making it convenient for concealed carry and fast retrieval. In 1901, on its base model was created Webley «WP» Pocket Hammer, features an open trigger.

    Revolvers Series «WP» were in production until the second half of 1930, reaching about 10,000 pieces of manufacture. This weapon could be remade and adapt at will under patrony.320 Revolver, .32 S & W, .32 Long Colt, .32 Short Colt i.320 Webley.

    revolver webley « wp & # 187; pocket hammerless model

    Webley «WP» Pocket Hammerless Model


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