RGS-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M
    CSG-50 Hand grenade

    special purpose CSG-50 is designed to arm police and special army units.

    complex is designed to provide psychological impact and temporary decommissioning of armed criminals in the capture of their vehicles (plane, bus, etc.) are also used for complex emergency opening of doors in the storming buildings seized by terrorists.

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M
    When recharging

    similar weapons - 40 mm M-98 grenade launcher (nicknamed «blooper» - «muff") was adopted by the U.S. army and the police in the early 60s and was used extensively in Vietnam.

    Hand grenade

    special purpose CSG-50 was created in the late 80-ies of XX century. The reason for creating the CSG-50 was the elimination of defects grenade launcher "Showcase" Use only one type of ammunition (grenade "Showcase-G") and who had a large impact force.

    CSG-50 is a single-shot with an opening (like a hunting rifle) smooth trunk. Has a removable recoil brake gidropruzhinny (SGPT), constituting a single unit with the butt. SGPT has a rubber shock absorber and provides throwing grenades weighing about 400 g with an initial velocity of 90 m / s.

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M

    Grenade CSG-50 - single-shot, unlocking and locking the bore produced by tilting the barrel down.

    The special features of design and operation of parts and mechanisms grenade relates that when you open the trunk via the cocking force is transmitted to the trigger mounted within the housing. Mainspring while compressed and fixed trigger cocked. When you press the trigger, this force is transmitted to sear that, turning on an axis out of engagement with the trigger. Trigger the action of the mainspring turns on its axis, strikes the primer of ammunition, shot happens. Trigger after the strike, by a spring rebound, goes back to the striker could move away from the capsule to open the barrel after the shot. When this grenade rolled back, squeezing hydraulic brake. Trunk release lever is on the top.

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M
    In a combat situation with a raised eye

    liner is removed from the extractor chamber.

    Fuse - not automatic, flag is located on the right side, above the opening of the trigger guard and locks the sear.

    Forearm - detachable, mounted on the trunk.

    mechanical sighting device consists of a foldable rack sight with three slots for shooting at 50, 100 and 150 meters and flies, mounted on high ground.


    spring butt can significantly mitigate the knock of the weapon that enables you to painlessly produce firing several dozen shots.

    RGS-50 grenade launcher in a series of special equipment of this class is a type of heavy grenade launchers, the use of which is realized with the distant approaches to the captured object (up to 150 m).

    < td> 150
    Caliber, mm 50
    Weight 6.8
    Length mm 895
    Height, mm 295
    Width 78
    Rate of fire / min 2, 3
    Sighting range, m

    At the end of the 1990s RGS-50 grenade was modernized.

    For better retention under barrel grenade launcher was installed foldaway handle.
    Gidropruzhinny rollback brake replaced by spring.
    Improved trigger mechanism.
    Modernized version of RGS-50M grenade repeatedly presented at gun shows.

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M
    Grenades for CSG-50 / RGS-50M For

    RGS-50/50M developed a whole range of ammunition - from grenades to ammunition and tear action shock and shock grenades:
    - GS-50 and GS-50M - grenades lachrymatory-irritant;
    - GS-50PM - garnet for training firings;
    - DSS-50 - light sound grenade action;
    - EG-50 and EG-50M - grenades shock stun;
    - GO-50 - fragmentation grenade;
    - GK-50 - Cumulative grenade;
    - DG-50 - garnet for instant smoke screen;
    - BC-50 - grenade to break the glass.

    Thus, to equip special forces arrived pretty versatile weapon capable of performing the functions "pocket artillery" and stun guns.

    pn-50 grenade launcher / RGS-50M



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