RPG-16 "Thunder»

    RPG-16 « Thunder »
    RPG-16 "Thunder»

    RPG-16 "Thunder" is designed to defeat armored targets the enemy, his fortifications and shelters.

    antitank grenade launcher RPG-16 was developed in the late 1960s, especially for the arms of the Airborne Forces of the USSR.

    RPG-16 Thunder « »

    RPG-16 "Thunder" represents a further development of the RPG-7.

    The main differences from

    appeared a little earlier RPG-7 steel collapsible trunk and larger caliber with a grenade caliber warhead cumulative effect, which had, at the expense of a more powerful rocket motor considerably greater effective range and accuracy. Externally RPG-16 RPG-7 recalls, retaining some of its distinctive exterior features: pistol grip, a plastic funnel, optical sight

    Unlike the RPG-7 RPG-16 was created by only one type of grenade - cumulative active-reactive grenade PG-16B.

    RPG-16 Thunder « »
    sight PGO-16

    RPG-16 is a single-shot shotguns trigger recoilless type open rear trunk.

    To improve the accuracy of firing RPG-16 nominally completed the two-legged folding bipod and optical sight PGO-16 multiplicity 2.7H. On the device is similar to sight sight PGO-7 RPG-7, however, has a different reticle calculated under grenade PG-16. In addition to a removable optical sight RPG-16 has a folding open sights fixed on the front of the barrel.

    trunk itself consists of two parts - the front and rear, shared for carrying and landing to reduce the size of weapons.

    Shooting is from the shoulder, so the trunk is in the back of a special heat-insulating casing. In the rear of the barrel is located nozzle for discharging the powder gases in the front - the fire control handle assembly with trigger mechanism (USM), and short plastic forearm.

    USM grenade electronic, ignition trigger pulse charge grenades carried electric current generated when you press the trigger. Left on the case USM is a manual safety.

    grenade Caliber, mm 73
    caliber grenades, mm 73
    grenade Length, mm 1104
    Weight, kg 9,6
    Round weight, kg 1,65
    Length of round, mm 685
    Muzzle velocity grenades m / s 250
    grenades Maximum speed, m / s 475
    Rate of fire / min 4
    Sighting range, m 800
    Internal cylindrical

    Grenades, when loading fits in the barrel grenade launcher. Launch grenades made using dinamoreaktivny expelling charge at burned down a cardboard sleeve which is appended to the tail of the grenade before loading.

    When fired

    part of powder gases lifting charge flows from the nozzle grenade rear, providing compensation and recoil hand behind creating the danger zone depth of over 20 meters. Launch of a rocket engine grenades automatically, at a safe distance from the shooter.

    Fire RPG-16 antitank grenade being PG-16V cumulative effects.


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