RPG-26 "Aglen»

    RPG-26 « Aglen »

    RPG-26 "Aglen»
    In a combat situation

    Grenade disposable RPG-26 "Aglen" designed to fight tanks, infantry combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery and other armored enemy objects. In addition, reactive anti-tank grenade can be used to destroy enemy personnel located in shelters, as well as in urban structures.

    RPG-26 Aglen « »
    In the stowed position

    Development antitank rocket grenade RPG-26 (code in progress "Aglen") was launched in 1980, in parallel with the adoption by the RPG-22 grenade. The main objective of the program "Aglen" was to simplify the transfer of grenades traveling to combat, Pridacha garnet ability to transfer back from the stowed position battle, as well as a slight increase in the efficiency of target destruction.

    When designing

    RPG-26 was supposed to implement a number of new technical solutions that would allow the development of fiberglass monotube launchers (PU) without nozzle, replace the metal lid with rubber, allow translation system from traveling to combat and back and, of course, increase the power of the target action grenade. The system was supposed to replace the RPG-22.

    1982 grenade RPG-26 was presented for the pre-test, and in 1983 - to conduct field tests, which were completed in February 1984. According to the results of range and military trials grenade RPG-26 "Aglen" in 1985 was adopted by the Soviet Army in return grenade RPG-22 "Net».

    Starting device

    RPG-26 is a thin-walled tube made from the same glass as the pipe RPG-18 and RPG-22. The ends of the trigger destructible closed when fired rubber caps.

    (60 ° From normal)

For a shot "Aglen" must be installed on the shoulder and lead to the firing position, which turn fly up to the stop, pull out the trigger pin and raise the safety rack up until it stops. Translation RPG-26 from the stowed position battle in the reverse order.

must be emphasized that the translation from the stowed position to the firing from the RPG-26, compared with the RPG-22 decreased by almost 2 times that, in turn, increase the combat effectiveness of the RPG-26.

For a shot must aim and press the trigger (sear).

grenade PG-26 on the basis of the device is similar to grenade PG-22, but has increased the power of action in goal through improved design cumulative warhead assembly.

RPG-26 « Aglen »
And grenade PG-26
RPG-26 Aglen « » RPG-26
When shooting

antitank rocket grenade RPG-26 is a missile with a cumulative piercing warhead caliber 72.5mm and powder jet engine, fully practiced in the trunk single trigger device. Stabilization grenades on the trajectory carried out by means of folding stabilizers and placed by the axial rotation of the garnet. Flight speed of grenade launching device - about 145 m / s. Charge jet engine - the brand of powder 7/1 TR B / A. Nosecone explosive grenades kitted brand "Okfol».

In 2000, based on the RPG-26 was created reactive grenade assault RShG-2. At its launch the device to increase the firing range required to change only sighting device. Jet engine was completely borrowed from the RPG-26, and fuse - from TBG-7.

RPG-26 « Aglen »

Layout RPG-26


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