RPG-28 "Cranberry»

    RPG-28 « cranberry »

    antitank rocket grenade RPG-28 grenade launcher with a single application designed to destroy tanks and other armored and unarmored vehicles, suppression emplacements and manpower located in fortifications, urban buildings, providing penetration up to 3 m or so brickwork 2.4 m of reinforced concrete.

    RPG-28 Cranberry « »
    When shooting Development of a new

    grenade carried SSPE "Basalt" - the main developer of this class of weapons in Russia and one of the world's leading.

    First RPG-28 was introduced to the public in 2007.

    trigger device is a tube-piece fiberglass. The ends of the trigger destructible closed when fired rubber caps.

    To bring into the firing position safety pin is removed, and the sights are in the deployed position, the cocked trigger mechanism, and can be started by pressing the grenade trigger lever. If necessary, transfer the grenades back to the stowed position the trigger assembly is removed from combat platoon when lowering the rear sight sight in a horizontal position and fixing his linchpin.

    Since considerable mass grenade launcher assembly for pipe located below the palm shoulder, folding-leg support behind him and folding front grip.

    When fired the starter behind the image of the danger zone to a depth of 30 meters and with a solution of 90 degrees.

    Caliber, mm 125
    Weight 12.0
    Length mm 1200
    Sighting range, m 400
    Penetration mm
    Dynamic Protection +
    1000 mm of steel armor

    RPG-28 has a tandem HEAT warhead, providing penetration behind ERA armor thickness greater than 900 mm. Sighting range is 300 meters.

    antitank rocket grenade RPG-28 is a missile with a tandem HEAT warhead piercing: the main CU, CU-leader designed to overcome the dynamic protection and powder jet engine, fully practiced in the trunk single trigger device. Stabilization grenades on the trajectory carried out by means of folding stabilizers and placed by the axial rotation of the garnet.

    RPG-28 Cranberry « »
    grenade RPG-28

    RPG-28 in 2007 was adopted by the Russian army.

    Overall-mass characteristics grenade allowed to apply it to one soldier in all conditions of modern warfare. Rocket-propelled grenade RPG-28 provided a reliable loss of existing and future tanks, including those fitted with hinged and built-in protection. For its unique qualities - reliability, power, great accuracy and unmatched piercing RPG-28 among the experts was named - "killer tanks».


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