RPG-29 «Vampire»

    RPG-29 « vampire »
    RPG-29 «Vampire»
    In a combat situation
    RPG-29 Vampire « »
    When shooting

    antitank grenade launcher RPG-29 "Vampire" was developed in TsKIB COO from 1983 to 1989 under the symbol KTB-0175. Adopted in 1989 with the caliber shot PG-29V.

    RPG-29 "Vampire" is a motorized infantry weapons department, designed to defeat all kinds of modern tanks, armored and unarmored vehicles, as well as manpower in the defensive structures of various types.

    RPG-29 is a development of previous systems such as the RPG-16 and RPG-7, but differs from them not only large in size, but also a number of design features.

    from RPG-7 grenade launcher inherited new tandem warhead grenade PG-7VR, with two located one behind the other shaped-charge warhead. Front smaller warhead designed to defeat reactive armor blocks (reactive armor) or protivokumulyativnymi screen, then a more powerful warhead is striking back directly tank shell.

    grenade Caliber, mm 105
    Length (stowed / firing position), mm 1000/1850
    Weight grenade, kg 11.5
    grenades Weight, kg 4.5
    Start velocity, m / s 130
    Sighting range, m 450
    Penetration, mm 650

    from RPG-16 was inherited with split system for transporting caliber smooth barrel and trigger mechanism with electronic ignition engine grenades.

    In order to achieve maximum comfort during transport and use of the RPG-29 is divided into two parts. In the stowed position of the placed in a special pack for carrying one person. Upon actuation of the firing position the two parts are connected by a special connector.

    fighting crew RPG-29 "Vampire" - two people.

    RPG-29 Vampire « »
    In the stowed position The main body

    RPG-29 mounted trigger mechanism to handle thrust folding bipod and mechanical sight. The grenade launcher is also equipped with an optical sight for shooting during the day and night vision for shooting at night.


    made using regular optical sight multiplicity 2.7H, moreover, are located on the barrel grenade launcher backup open sights.

    For greater convenience when shooting from a prone position in the back of the grenade launcher is folding bipod - support.

    RPG-29 Vampire « »
    With grenade PG-29B

    main ammunition is the RPG-29 rocket-propelled grenade PG-29V. This tandem warhead with two arranged one behind the other shaped-charge warhead. Front warhead caliber 64 millimeter penetration provides protective screens and dynamic armor, basic caliber 105 mm, directly affects the combat vehicle armor. Penetration 650 mm.

    Unlike previous domestic systems, grenade PG-29V is reactive. Complete burnout charge powerful rocket engine occurs during the time that the grenade is sufficiently long barrel grenade launcher, and received her enough energy to achieve the effective range, more than two times higher than the firing range grenade PG-7VR the RPG-7.

    RPG-29 Vampire « »
    grenade TBG-29V Stabilization

    grenades on the trajectory is performed using eight folding stabilizers under its tail part.

    The loading is done


    addition, it may be used thermobaric grenade TBG-29V to deal with manpower of the enemy.

    RPG-29 "Vampire", despite the substantially increased technical characteristics compared to one of its predecessors - the RPG-7 is relatively simple to operate, reliable and virtually trouble free in any climatic conditions.

    RPG-29 « vampire »

    RPG-29 «Vampire»
    With grenade PG-29B


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