In the mid 2000s, State Scientific and Production Enterprise (SSPE) "Basalt" has been developed and successfully tested a new rocket-propelled grenade launcher RPG-30.

    RPG-30 was created to destroy all types of the armament and future tanks and other armored and non-armored vehicles, as well as manpower and protected by fortifications on the battlefield. This system of anti-tank weapons capable of overcoming any active protection systems (KAZ) armored vehicles started the beginning of the XXI century in different countries.


    RPG-30 was created using innovation for portable antitank granotometov bikalibernoy design using simulation goal to overcome the active protection.


    RPG-30 is a two parallel pipes, which are rockets. The pipe ends are closed petal rubber membranes, collapsing the shot.

    devices aiming and trigger nationwide. The grenade launcher is mechanically hinged sight.

    Bringing in the firing position grenade carried lifting straps sight and cocked the trigger.

    Caliber, mm 105
    Weight 10.3
    Sighting range, m 200
    Thickness punctured barriers mm
    - Modifications after an active and dynamic protection
    - Concrete
    - Brick
    - Fill timber


    in larger diameter container grenade provided basic tandem hollow-charge antitank grenade PG-30 105 mm caliber. In many ways, this is similar to grenade Rockets earlier RPG-29, a well-established by the defeat tanks (for example, tanks "Merkava" during the Second Lebanon War, the Challenger 2 tanks and M1A2 Abrams during the Iraq war).

    a smaller diameter container is a missile simulator target. Projectile simulator is identical to the main grenade trajectory and radar signature and classified with active protection, as an attacking tank rocket-propelled grenade, causing their activation.



    Being at a distance shot to enemy tanks, granatometotchik aim and expels the RPG-30. At the same time there is an operation propellants both shells. Smaller target simulant goes from the barrel first and then with a little delay - basic garnet PG-30.


    Approaching tank shell simulator reveals complex of active protection is classified as offensive grenade triggers complex and active protection. Protivosnaryad complex active protection directed field debris or blast destroys target simulator. While KAZ (which is developed based on the requirements to minimize the side of destruction, not to damage their equipment or infantry, has a relatively small area of injury and also responds to the new target with a delay of 0.2-0.4 seconds) is not capable of hitting a running track basic grenade.

    As a result, the main

    cumulative projectile hit the main layer of armor, strikes the crew and equipment inside the tank, causing a fire and detonation of ammunition.

    In 2008, the RPG-30 was demonstrated to the public, after which it was decided to supply this grenade Russian Army.


    principle action RPG-30


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