RPG-32 "Hashim»

    RPG-32 « Hashim »
    RPG-32 "Hashim" in firing position
    And grenades for him
    PG-32B (anti) and TBG-32V (thermobaric)

    RPG-32 "Hashim" developed SSPE "Basalt" by request and at the expense of Jordan.

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    Caliber, mm 72/105
    length starting device, mm 360
    length of the cartridge (caliber 72/105) mm 900/1200
    Weight starting device with an eye kg 3.0
    Weight in firing position (caliber 72/105), kg 6/10
    Sighting range, m 700
    Penetration (after dyn. protection) mm 650

    contract to create an RPG-32 was signed in 2005 According to some involved in the development of Jordanian KB them. Abdullah II.

    RPG "Hashim" got its name from the great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad Mecca benefactor Hashim ibn Abd al-Dara, from which traces its origins to the royal family of Jordan.

    According to experts, it embodied the best world achievements disposable and reusable hand-held rocket weapon systems, becoming the first in the world multikalibernym grenade.

    RPG-32 Hashim « »
    Of sight

    grenade designed for firing grenades caliber 72 and 105 mm and a weapon reusable.

    RPG-32 consists of two parts: the starter and multikalibernogo reusable cartridge.

    trigger device (PU) RPG-32 lightweight and compact and can withstand up to 200 shots.

    PU is formed as a pipe length of 360 mm and a total weight of 3 kg. In the stowed position within it is aiming device elements and electric starting device.

    trigger device has conceived ergonomics, allowing the soldier to fire comfortably from all positions: standing, kneeling, lying down, and prepare to fire a grenade launcher in a very short period of time with very high probability of target destruction in battlefield conditions.

    Curb grenade does not exceed 10 kg.

    RPG-32 « Hashim »
    trigger device antitank grenade launcher RPG-32 "Hashim»
    And launch canisters with 105mm grenades

    sighting device RPG-32 is a collimator sight. It does not need to approach to the eye - for the purpose can be seen with both eyes.

    RPG-32 Hashim « »
    When shooting

    trigger device can also be provided with a telescopic sight.

    Cartridges 72 caliber 105 mm and have two types of shots: tandem cumulative and thermobaric fragmentation piercing. Such a choice allows ammunition affect all existing types of goals: the current and future tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications, infantry, etc.

    Cumulative grenade RPG-32 is the most powerful of all existing systems of a similar caliber.

    Warhead shot built on a tandem scheme (two charges) and is capable of hitting technique secure dynamic armor. Since these two charges explode almost simultaneously we can assume that one explosion.

    Penetration RPG-32 is 650 mm after breaking dynamic protection.


    ammunition of different caliber and type of action allow to pick the optimal load for combat fighter depending on range of tasks and species targeted goals.

    grenade feature is also that all shots have the same ballistics - no need to be retrained for firing grenades of various types and calibers.


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