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    10 km.

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    SAM submarines polypheme-sm

    Company Aerospatiale (France) and MBB (Germany) jointly explore vozmozhnostvooruzheniya submarine-fired missiles capable of hitting sglubiny ASW helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft. Mnogieboevye ships now have on-board anti-submarine helicopters, which naryadus aircraft yavlyaeyutsya most serious threat to submarines. Obladayazenitnym weapons, submarines do not remain passive before this threat aprotivolodochnaya aircraft will no longer be immune to them. Thereby izmenyatsyaosnovnye rules of submarine warfare.

    For this purpose, firms, developers are planning to use the time they create vnastoyaschee antitank missile and противовертолетногоназначения Polypheme with guided missiles using fiber optic communication line. Missile complex for Polypheme, respectively, developed in dvuhmodifikatsiyah. The basis for anti-aircraft missiles taken underwater launch eeprotivovertoletny option. However, unlike him, instead of the standard TV - cameras underwater missile complex Polypheme-SM receive a thermal imaging camera that will allow the submarine combat aircraft in any

    Time of day and lyuboypogode, including even drizzle with visibility up to 4 km.

    rocket enclosed in watertight capsule diameter of 240mm., dlinnoy1, 95m. and weighing 105kg., ejected from the submarine compressed air isnabzhennuyu own engine and reel with light cables dlyadvizheniya underwater. The engine is running about one second, allowing the capsule to pass sraketoy under water at speed 15m / c distance to 900m. When you exit napoverhnost capsule revealed by splitting lengthwise into two halves, iosvobozhdaet rocket, which, in turn, reveals plumage - cruciform wings and rudders, starts the engine and starter vklyuchaetsyateplovizionnaya camera.

    After exiting the water rocket will describe a spiral at a low speed of 150 m / c, allowing the operator to evaluate the submarine takticheskuyuobstanovku in the air and pick the target. Once a target is selected, there is its capture homing system included boosters and raketaavtomaticheski

    forwarded to the target at a speed of 259 m / c. In this operatorsohranyaet opportunity to target identification and intervene in protsessnavedeniya.

    The launch with

    podlodkivozmozhen at speed under water up to 50 knots (92.5 km / h) as a periscope diving, and from a depth of 300m. (By drugimsvedeniyam to 900m.) Adopted arrangement provides range missiles by 10 km, and an obstacle to increase the range are only gabaritykapsuly aboard submarines. However, the method of guidance by bidirectional peredacheysignalov index fiber - image rockets launcher and komandupravleniya back on the rocket - in principle allows to increase the range of the missile Iskorost, respectively, to 60 km and 350 m / c.


    companies Aerospatiale and MBB differ only in how they store izapuska missiles. West German Navy prefers the concept of the company MBB provides performance rockets from torpedo tubes. When etomraketa first stripped from the boat under the water before you appear on the surface to attack the target, so as not to detect the exact location of the boat, dealing, usually in shallow waters of the North or Baltic Seas. WSS all French Navy, has a different idea about how to use svoihudarnyh submarines operating mostly on the high seas is likely vyberetkontseptsiyu firm Aerospatiale, implying schapusk capsules izvertikalnyh missile silos mounted on a submarine.

    The rocket

    Polypheme-SM can also be used submarine commander dlyavyyasneniya tactical situation at sea, enabling you to detect vysokoprioritetnyemorskie goals, which will then atakovyny torpedoes or anti-ship missiles underwater zapuskatip Exocet.


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