Ship aircraft missile system Dagger



    surface ships

    management system:

    Office for radio








    12 km.

    year development:


    naval air defense missile system dagger SAM "Dagger" - a multi-channel, vsegopodny, autonomous air defense missile system near defense, able to reflect the massive raid low-flying anti, anti-radar missiles, guided and unguided bombs, airplanes, helicopters, and so n . Able to act on surface ships and ekranoplans opponent. Installed aboard the various classes of ships of more than 800 tons

    Head developer of the complex - NGO "Altair" (chief designer - S. Fadeev), anti-aircraft missiles - IBC "Torch".


    test complex was started in 1982 on the Black Sea in the small anti-submarine ship, etc. 1124. During the demonstration firings spring 1986 IGC was launched from shore installations 4 cruise missiles P-35. All P-35 were shot down 4 SAM missiles "Dagger". The tests were difficult and frustrating with all the terms. For example, "Dagger" supposed to be equipped aircraft carrier "Novorossiysk", but he was adopted by with "holes" for "Dagger". At first ships Project 1155 installed a complex instead of the two.

    until 1989 SAM "Dagger" was officially adopted by the large anti-submarine ships, etc. 1155, which was established on 8 modules 8 missiles.

    Currently SAM "Dagger" is armed with heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", the nuclear-powered cruiser "Peter the Great" (project 1144.4), large antisubmarine ships pr.1155, 11551 patrol ships and the newest type " ; Fearless ".

    complex defense "Dagger" is offered to foreign buyers under the name "Blade".

    the west range was designated SA-N-9 GAUNTLET.


    naval air defense missile system dagger The complex is used remote-controlled anti-aircraft missile 9M330-2, unified with missiles 9M330 and 9M331 (see description) Army air defense systems "Thor" and "Tor-M1". 9M330-2 made of aerodynamic configuration "duck" and uses the freely rotating wing unit with folding wings. Start-Zour - under the influence of vertical catapult missiles further decline gasdynamic system by which less than one second, during the ascent to an altitude of main engine start, the missile turns toward the target.


    warhead high explosive type produced by pulsed radio controlled fuses team in the immediate vicinity of the target. Radio controlled fuses noise immunity and adapt the approach to the water surface. Missiles placed in transport-launch containers and do not need to test for 10 years.

    management system of antiaircraft missile complex "Dagger" is designed for simultaneous use of missile and artillery weapons ship to any of the tracked targets, includes a detection unit which performs the following tasks:

    detection of air, including low-altitude and surface targets;

    simultaneous tracking up to 8 targets;

    analysis of air situation with play goals by Hazard;

    production data targeting and delivery of data (range, bearing and elevation);

    issuing targeting air defense ship.

    SAM "Dagger" is equipped with their own radar detection equipment - Module K-12-1 (see photo), providing complex complete independence and operational actions in the most difficult situation. The basis of multi-channel complex are phased array antennas with electronic beam control and high-speed computing system. The main mode of the complex - automatic (without personnel), based on the principles of "artificial intelligence".

    naval air defense missile system dagger

    Built in antenna post television-optical detection purposes not only increase its immunity under intense jamming, but also allow personnel to visually assess the nature of support and engage targets. Radars complex developed in the Institute "Quantum" under VI Guzya and provide air target detection range of 45 km at an altitude of 3.5 km.

    "Dagger" can simultaneously fire up to four targets in the spatial sector of 60 ° to 60 °, but is induced in parallel to 8 missiles. Complex reaction time is from 8 to 24 seconds, depending on the mode of the radar. Furthermore SAM fire control system complex "Dagger" can manipulate fire 30 mm AK-360m, producing dostrel surviving targets at a distance up to 200 meters.

    launcher 4S95 complex "Dagger" developed KB "Start" under the leadership of AI Yaskina. PU below deck, consists of 3-4 launch modules drum type in each - with 8 missile. Unit weight without missiles 41.5 tons, occupied an area of 113 square meters. m


    Range, km

    1.5 - 12

    height of target, m

    10 - 6000

    Target speed, m / s

    Up to 700

    number of simultaneously engaged targets

    to 4

    number of simultaneously induced SAM



    reaction time for low-flying target, a





    Time to bring complex


    from cold, min

    Not more than 3

    from standby, with


    Ammo SAM


    Weight Zour, kg


    Warhead weight, kg


    Complex weight



    Personnel, pers.


    Target detection range at an altitude of 3.5 km (while offline), km



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