Ship aircraft missile system Stihl-1



    surface ships

    management system:

    Radar GOS








    32 km.

    year development:


    naval air defense missile system calm-1

    omnidirectional multi ship air defense missile system (ADMS) medium-range "Calm 1" designed to defeat all modern means of air attack at medium distances and altitudes goals from 5 m to 15 km.

    complex was developed by the Moscow Research Institute of Radio Electronics "Altair" is dalneshem development SAM M-22 "Hurricane". Anti-aircraft guided missile 9M317ME, part of the complex "Calm 1", created Dolgoprudnenskoye Research and Production Enterprise (SPDE) and unified with rocket 9M317E land SAM "Buk-M2". Complex was first shown at Defexpo India International Exhibition 2004.

    distinctive feature of the new version are the use of anti-aircraft guided missile vertical launch underdeck, use multifunction radar with phased arrays and control of computing facilities with an open architecture, branched and mathematical software.

    SAM "Calm 1" is a system capable of managing gives firepower and solve the problem of air defense ship (Connection ships) as a whole. This allows you to integrate complex "Calm 1" in the local, regional and federal systems of higher hierarchical level, as well as to enter into its composition other complexes to coordinate their actions in organizing the ship's air defense systems.


    naval air defense missile system calm-1 The complex "Calm 1" includes:

    anti-aircraft missile 9M317ME

    vertical launcher 3S90E.1

    control system for the ship, including: radar illumination purposes (see photo), TV, fully automated information processing system (AFS), an automated command post (CP)

    multi-channel recording system simulator and parameters of current information.

    modular deck launchers vertical launch (CPG) Cell type 3S90E.1 developed research and production enterprise "Start" (Ekaterinburg). RCD module consists of 12 transport-launch containers MS-487 ready-to-launch missiles, electronic unit and hydraulic unit equipment. SPMs can be completed by 12, 24-packs or 36-th missiles depending on the class of ship. Launchers can be located on the bow and the stern of surface ships with a displacement of more than 1500t in various configurations. When replacing complex "Hurricane" destroyers of project 956 in its missile cellar installed 3 modules with a total of 36 missiles ammunition. This can dramatically increase the rate of complex "Calm 1" and implement a reflection of massive air strikes caused by enemy air attacks. Complex, depending on the configuration, provides simultaneous firing from 2 to 12 goals.

    naval air defense missile system calm-1

    Single-stage solid-Zour

    9M317ME placed in transport and launch container MS-Zour 487.Start 9M317ME - vertically under the catapult and then running the main engine. The main differences from the land 9M317ME options are folding aerodynamic control surfaces, significantly reduced the availability of special wings and rudders gas block (see photo), hosted on the nozzle block solid propellant sustainer. This unit provides automatic declination missile towards the target after the start of the vertical PU. 9M317ME equipped with dual-mode sustainer engine with improved energy and compared with the prototype has a higher flight speed (up to 1550m / c) and maneuverability. Maximum range - 50km.


    rocket 9M317ME provides for the use of the corrected inertial control system with new semiactive Doppler radar seeker. Onboard equipment rocket performed on a new base and has broad functions to adapt to the work environment that allows you to achieve maximum probability of target destruction under strong jamming. Warhead - high-explosive/fragmentation/incendiary weighing 62kg (see photo), is equipped with contact and proximity fuses. Missile can be stored in TPK without routine maintenance up to 15 years.

    9M317ME SAM launcher and vertical launch complex gave a completely new quality. Significantly improved fire performance SAMs, increased rate of fire (start of each missile can be carried out every 1-2 seconds instead of 12 seconds for the single-beam inclined launcher SAM "The Hurricane"), decreased reaction time, weight and dimensions of the complex, decreased visibility in his deck structures radio and optical bands, increased reliability and other performance characteristics. Revealed its ability to integrate with the ship, which allowed to offer SAM "Calm 1" to accommodate the ships relatively small displacement of the "corvette" keeping the stated characteristics.

    SAM "Calm 1" is used to fire the ship's radar data Omnidirection and provides omnidirectional defense ship carrier and a compound of massive attacks from ships modern strike aircraft, anti-ship and anti-radar missiles.

    facilities SAM "Calm 1" new televizirom improves its noise immunity and allows up to 20 km in the area to obtain precise coordinates of targets, including the perpetrators of intense maneuvering, as well as manage an attached small-caliber antiaircraft artillery and evaluate fact defeats the purpose. The latter circumstance has increased the efficiency of the complex and ensure optimum flow of ammunition Zour.

    AFS subsystem processes the primary digital or video from a variety of radar and optical sources. It is on this basis produces data on the traffic situation and the precise targeting data for all assigned to fire weapons. KP, in turn, having composed a digital computer control system with standardized instruments digital and analog connection with branched and mathematical software, provides integration of peripheral devices and subsystems of the complex, as well as assigned to fire weapons, which can be set and optimized for the individual each ship design.

    Public radial modular structure SAM "Calm 1" allows you to integrate additional modules complex structure and shipboard systems, ensuring the creation based on SAM "Calm 1" high-performance mnogorubezhnyh echelon air defense systems of surface ships. Of great interest is based on the creation of SAM "Calm 1" trehrubezhnoy air defense system by integrating it with a small-caliber antiaircraft artillery and turret "Bending».

    turret launcher "Bending" provides the solution of problems in the area of naval air defense short ranges. Integration SAM "Calm 1" Position "Bending" increases aggregate performance characteristics of the system. By reducing the distance to the near border increases the total depth of the affected area, increased fire performance integrated air defense system, but due to timely and accurate targeting of funds SAM "Calm 1" reduced reaction time installation "flexible." Concentration and processing of all data on the objectives in one automatic control device ensures fire and defeat all the attacking objectives.

    Installation "flexible" can be used alone and in various combinations, including artillery systems, forming a reliable defense system short ranges. Being placed on any ship or vessel, the system will provide a highly effective all-round defense against forced their way to ship EHV shelling and loss of aircraft and helicopters.



    fire simultaneously flying targets

    from 2 to 12

    Zone bearings purposes

    to 360 degrees

    fly zone heights purposes, m:
    - Aircraft
    - RCC


    Range, km:
    - The aircraft at altitudes above 1000 m
    - The aircraft at altitudes below 1000 m
    - On RCC



    objectives, m / c



    reaction time (duty mode), c


    Zour 9M317ME

    Dimensions, mm:
    - Length
    - Maximum body diameter
    - Swing rudders


    up weight


    Weight TPK kg


    Warhead weight, kg



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