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    surface ships

    management system:

    Office of the laser beam








    10 km.

    year development:


    ship-to complex vortex In the shipbuilding programs in many countries a special attention is maneuverable boats intended for the protection of territorial waters and economic zones, as well as participation in patrol and combat operations. Use on patrol boats as weapons automatic guns caliber 20, 30, 40 mm and 7.62 mm machine guns and 12.7 mm, does not meet modern requirements because of their low efficiency at firing ranges over 2000 m

    Analysis combat use boats, surface characteristics of firepower, coastal and aerial combat objects showed the need to strengthen arms boats to expand range of problems for the protection of territorial waters and economic maritime zones, conducting patrol police and customs operations to ensure effective self-defense and participation in combat operations.

    features multipurpose boats precision missile weapons can significantly increase their combat effectiveness. Complex "Whirlwind", designed for the Russian attack helicopter Ka-50, to the greatest degree meets the requirements for the arming of boats.


    The modular design of complex systems and their autonomy allow to provide a variety of accommodation on the boat depending on the class and the tasks performed. For small boats offered the option of building complex "Whirl-K", comprising:

    controlled multipurpose missile "Whirlwind";

    fire control system (FCS);

    artillery installation AK-306 and AK-630, modified to accommodate missiles "Whirlwind".

    Structurally complex "Whirl-K" includes:

    four transport and launch container (TPC) with guided missiles "Whirlwind", placed on the AK-306 and AK-630;

    two trigger device (PU);

    modified rocket artillery unit (RAU) AK-306 or AK-630;

    •-hour automated fire control system;

    sensors current information about shooting conditions;

    Power Supplies;

    wiring kit.

    stabilized day-night sight-guidance device MSA posted on the pilothouse, which provides a wide range of angles of search and target tracking, and other elements of the JMA (computer system, automatic target tracking, control MSAs with the weapon and videosmotrovym device) placed in the cabin of the boat.

    need to equip boats missile and artillery justified based on several criteria: the probability of hitting and hitting typical goals probability of combat mission in a duel situation and generalized criterion that takes into account the ratio of performance and value.

    Numerical values of the criteria defined by the results of the simulation process and the dueling combat fire boats for the purpose. The initial data received total errors munition hit the target and features amazing action ammunition.

    For typical targets adopted:

    surfaced - small boat, armed with a 40mm automatic cannon, or, alternatively, - 76 mm rapid-fire gun;

    Air - helicopter shore or sea-based, armed with guided missiles with a range of 6000 m with a cumulative-high-explosive/fragmentation warhead type Hellfire;

    shore - tank-type M1-A1 and BMP M2.

    The calculations

    seen a significant increase in the efficiency boats 4.1 - 5.7 times.

    ship-to complex vortex Selected accommodation variant TPK to SD "Whirlwind" on the RAD AK-306 or AK-630 provides high compactness of the complex, sufficient for use SD pointing angles range -4 ° +38 ° in the vertical plane and +180 ° to the horizontal. At the same specifications of the AK-306 after its completion is not limited in combat work guns AO-18L.


    complex by its technical level ahead of similar developments of leading countries. Significantly higher cost of combat mission complex "Hellfire" is due mainly to less than 1.5 times the maximum speed of the rocket relative to the rocket "Whirlwind." The complex is based on the promising technical solutions embodied in guided weapons "Whirlwind", automated MSA and automatic cannon AO-18L as part of the artillery of the AK-306, which are manufactured. Their high combat and operational characteristics are confirmed in the tests and military exercises.

    significant feature is the independence and performance of all elements of the modularity that allows it to be easily placed on any sea boat without significant improvements in a short time and at little financial cost. Boats in service and equipped gun mount AK-306 can be upgraded complex "Whirlwind" with significantly lower cost than when equipping such boats newly developed complex weapons.

    missile system operates at ranges up to 10 km and hit the target with a probability sample of 80%. Feature of the complex is that it is possible to get a rocket into any part of the enemy ship: wheelhouse, engine room or parts radar. Accuracy with a distance of 10 km is square, measuring 2.5 X 2, 5 pm



    KB "Instrument"

    firing range, km


    Flight Time from

    - at maximum range


    - at a distance of 8000m


    - at a distance of 6000m


    average flight speed, m / s



    - type


    -high-explosive shaped charge with a leading

    - Weight, kg


    - weight explosive kg


    - type fuse

    pin, and proximity

    - the range of the proximity fuze, m



    - the number of steps


    - length mm


    - maximum body diameter, mm


    - wingspan mm


    - scale stabilizers mm


    - off weight, kg


    - TPK length, mm


    - TPK diameter, mm


    - weight of the rocket in TPK, kg


    - Temperature, oC oC

    -50 to +50


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