Shotgun UTAS UTS-15

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTAS UTS-15 (right side)

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTAS UTS-15 (top view)

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTAS UTS-15 (left view)

    In 2006, the famous American company «Smith & Wesson» it was decided to expand the range offered under the name shotguns by creating a new tactical model, targeted primarily for use by law enforcement agencies, as well as to market civilian weapons. It should be noted that the company Smith & Wesson itself shotguns produced, and ordered their release Turkish company «UTAS».

    < td> 2.8
    Caliber, mm 12h70, 12h76
    The chamber, mm 76
    Length mm 720
    Barrel length, mm 470
    Weight empty, kg
    store count. cartridges 7 + 7 (12h70)
    6 + 6 (12h76)

    When creating a new sample shotgun development team UTAS, led by well-known American expert on Small Arms Ted Hatfield (Ted Hatfield) decided to base the South African gun «Neostead». The creators shotgun Neostead were acquired patents protecting key features of this gun and a few instances of guns for testing. The results of these tests, it was decided to keep the overall layout of shotguns (bullpup configuration with two tubular nadstvolnymi shops), but completely redo all the internal mechanisms of the arms.

    Work on the creation of a new gun, received the name UTS-15 (Urban Tactical Shotgun 15-rounds - Urban Tactical Shotgun capacity 15 rounds) lasted more than three years. However, in 2008 an American company Smith & Wesson because of internal problems refused to sell new shotgun under his own name. As a result, in early 2011 the Turkish company UTAS demonstrated public shotgun UTS-15 already under his own name.

    Shotgun UTAS UTS-15 is manufactured according to the scheme Bullpup, shotgun manual reset longitudinally sliding fore. Reloaded forearm movement "back and forth".

    shotgun utas uts-15
    View breech and gun shops UTAS UTS-15.
    Receiver cover is open, the bolt in the rear position.
    Clearly visible swinging guide, which controls
    Feeding of cartridges on the supply line in the trunk,
    A switch also stores located in
    Middle position (feed alternately from both stores).

    Locking barrel by turning the bolt by three lugs, engaging directly with the barrel shank.

    Manual safety is located on the left above the pistol grip.

    body of weapons (receiver, butt) are made of impact-resistant plastic reinforced with carbon fiber.

    chrome barrel bore, barrel has interchangeable chokes.

    Food shotgun ammunition is made from two tubular stores located above the barrel and coaxial him. Each magazine holds 7 rounds at 12h70 mm or 6 rounds 12h76 mm and has an individual box for charging, hinged dust cover closed. Submission of ammunition can be carried out in three modes - only left the store, only from the right or alternately from both shops. Choice of feeding mode controls three-way switch at the top of the receiver, near the output of cartridges (almost before the very eyes of the arrow). In the extreme positions of the switch allows to deliver ammunition from the appropriate mode switch store. At the central position of the switch selection is done automatically store.

    shotgun utas uts-15
    UTAS UTS-15 (front view)

    Shops UTS-15 rifles are protruding through the slot levers outwards and upwards sors performing two functions:
    1. they allow you to manually compress the magazine spring and locking feeder in the front position (in the T-shaped slot), and then quickly and effortlessly charge magazin.2. sors and position clearly demonstrates the current balance of rounds in each store, which is made on the case of weapons corresponding markup.


    delivery unit provides a reliable supply of guns and ammunition chambering in any position arms and hinged lid while serving buttstock comb, provides quick access to the breech and the feeding site to control the availability of cartridge in the chamber and eliminate delays in filing the case of deformed cartridges.

    Release of spent cartridges is only right. Ejection port is automatically opening the dust cover.

    At the top of the gun body is rail-type Picatinny rail, which can be installed on various open sights or collimator sights. Since the cavity under the barrel rail forend is doing nothing in it can be mounted underbarrel flashlight laser pointer or laser pointer flashlight combo box.

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTAS UTS-15
    (Partially disassembled)

    According to some experts, gun UTAS UTS-15 combines compact dimensions, high firepower, tactical flexibility and ease of handling. Shotgun is well balanced, its design provides quick and easy refilling, convenient control over the remainder of cartridges in stores and the state of the feeder, bullpup configuration allows you to keep arms from the shoulder with one hand on the pistol grip, while the second hand reloaded weapon or used for other activities. Partially disassembled weapons simple and requires no additional tools.

    In 2011 the company «UTAS» launched production of shotguns UTS-15 at two plants - in Turkey (for deliveries to markets in Europe, Asia and Africa) and the U.S. (for the supply for the U.S. and other countries of the Americas). This weapon was suggested options: Marine, Navy, Desert, Hunting.

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTS-15 variants «Marine» and «Navy»

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTS-15 Desert

    shotgun utas uts-15

    UTS-15 Hunting


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