Shotgun Valtro PM-5

    shotgun valtro pm-5
    Valtro PM-5

    shotgun RM-5 was developed in the 1980s by the Italian company Valtro (Valtro) and was accepted into service by various police forces in Europe and the U.S., as well as the French Navy.

    shotgun valtro pm-5
    Valtro PM-5 with folding stock and red-dot sight

    Overall gun Valtro PM 5 is quite traditional smoothbore weapon is reloaded manually longitudinally sliding forearm (the so-called pump therapy scheme).


    Valtro PM5 carried out by longitudinally sliding forend ("pump-action").

    barrel is provided with a muzzle compensator, and has a set of interchangeable chokes.

    Caliber, mm 12
    Barrel length, mm 355/508
    Capacity count. cartridges 6
    The chamber, mm 76

    Food ammunition is made from removable plastic shopping on 7 rounds. Latch shop located outside receiver store.

    Push fuse is located behind the trigger.

    main feature of this gun is that it uses a detachable box magazine made of plastic instead of the traditional tubular grenade stores. This scheme has the advantages of supply ammunition for combat shotguns, providing more practical rate due to much faster recharging empty store.

    shotgun valtro pm-5
    Valtro PM-5-350 with a short barrel and no butt

    gun can be equipped with plastic clumsy butt up or folding metal butt skeletal structure.

    Especially for various security services and protection of VIPs (VIP-security) option is available with a shortened barrel and butt shot - Valtro PM-5-350. This gun can be hidden under clothing or long in the case, it is convenient to be operated in the crush and shoot at short distances.

    In the version with long-barreled gun is sold on the civilian market, and as a weapon of self-defense.

    shotgun valtro pm-5

    Valtro PM 5


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