Shotgun Winchester 1300

    shotgun winchester 1300
    Winchester 1300 Speed
    Pump hunting option
    drobovik winchester 1300
    Winchester 1200 Defender
    Established on the basis of which Winchester 1300

    Shotguns Winchester Model 1300 appeared on the market in the early 1980s, when the corporation Olin / Winchester sold the rights to the production of weapons under the name of Winchester US Repeating Arms Company (USRAC).

    worth noting that the first gun with the pumping system reload it began producing company WINCHESTER.

    is based on a new shotgun design lay shotgun Winchester 1200, published by Olin / Winchester from 1964 to 1980.

    shotgun winchester 1300
    Winchester 1300 Camp Defender
    drobovik winchester 1300
    Winchester 1300
    Device guns

    Production Winchester 1300 rifle was briefly discontinued in mid-2007 due to the closure of the plant USRAC, but in 2008 it is planned to resume production of these rifles (along with several other models under the brand Winchester) in the new plant Winchester Repeating Arms Co in Morgan , Utah. This plant is owned by FN Manufacturing Co, the U.S. subsidiary of Belgian corporation FN Herstal.

    Shotguns Winchester Model 1300 is used manually reset with a movable back and forth forearm. The barrel is locked by rotating bolt with 4 lugs.

    Receiver is made of aluminum alloy, trunks easily removable and come in a wide range of options and lengths with interchangeable chokes with either type of cylinder porting.

    Store weapons - tubular underbarrel, equips through the window at the bottom of the receiver.

    Lodge of plastic or wood, the stock has a rubber butt.

    reload occurs when the longitudinal movement of the fore-end.

    Original design

    locking trunk with rotating bolt and a short stroke forearm allowed to reduce the cycle time to reload 1.

    Fuse gun push blocks the trigger.

    shotgun winchester 1300
    Winchester 1300 Defender

    Shotguns Winchester 1300 series DEFENDER (Defender) - conceived as a weapon for self-defense is and security activity.

    Caliber, mm 12
    Weight empty, kg 3.06 - 3.18
    Length mm Varies
    Depending on the model
    Barrel length, mm 457 - 711
    Count. cartridges
    4, 5, 7
    The chamber, mm 76

    series rifles WINCHESTER 1300 STAINLESS MARINE intended for use on board or near the sea and made of special synthetic materials and alloys are not afraid of action spray, salt and temperature changes inherent maritime climate. Change of heat in wet cold sea air causes constant condensation on all surfaces, including hard-to-internal and unobtrusive eye destruction.

    Shotguns Winchester Model 1300 are popular in the U.S. and abroad, thanks to the reliability and high speed charging, which is especially valuable for bird hunters and shooters for athletes. However, employees of law enforcement and security services are also willing to use weapons grade Winchester 1300.

    shotgun winchester 1300
    Winchester 1300 Coastal Marine


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