Shotgun Winchester M1897

    shotgun winchester m1897

    Winchester M1897
    Original "hunting" model
    drobovik winchester m1897
    Tattoo Winchester M1897

    his first store under the name shotgun Winchester famous inventor John Moses Browning weapons released in 1893 (Winchester Model 1893). However, this pattern has been very unfortunate and not spread.

    modify Winchester M1893 Browning in 1897 and who later became famous appears shotgun Winchester M1897 (also known with the notation of Winchester Model 1897, Winchester Model 97 Winchester M97).

    Production of the new Browning rifle was established by Winchester, which in 1897 offered him the arms market.

    drobovik winchester m1897
    Winchester M1897
    With disconnected short barrel

    This shotgun has played a huge role in the history of weapons, including directly to the United States because it was practically the only gun that marked a new era in the development of shotguns, the emergence and widespread system of multiply. Winchester M1897 was the first truly successful pump action shotgun. Over time, he became the most popular gun in the U.S. market and has set a standard of performance. This gun was popular because it was a high quality workmanship, good performance and excellent battle rifle. Indeed, the market appeared fundamentally New, a product that has captured the hearts and minds of the population of the United States and identified preferences in weapons, becoming for many dy favorite type of weapons Americans. Multiply charged systems in the Americas strongly pushed the shotgun, and later appeared self-charging has only strengthened their dominant position, which was the national characteristic of North Americans.

    drobovik winchester m1897
    Winchester M1897 «Trench»

    Shotgun Winchester M1897 uses a manually reset with a movable forearm. To recharge the handguard first need to apply a little forward, and then generating traffic on the rear forward. Ejection is carried sideways or right.

    Store weapons - tubular underbarrel, capacity for 5 rounds. Equips through the window at the bottom of the receiver.

    gun has an open trigger, which eliminates the need for additional fuses.


    made swinging larvae blocking movement bolt back.

    trigger mechanism has no uncoupler, so shooting is permitted while pressing the trigger and moving the forearm.

    Sights included only fly, rear sight was not.

    The original version had a gun barrel neotemny.

    Later, a version with a detachable barrel, which gradually supplanted not folding. The trunk was connected to the box and threaded sector separated together with the store (which, it should be noted, is much easier to transport than the later version with the removal of only one barrel).

    drobovik winchester m1897
    Winchester M1897 «Trench»

    Shotgun Winchester M1897 produced 12 and 16 calibers. Hunting modification had a barrel length of 711 or 760 mm, weight 12-caliber 3.53 kg for the 16th - 3.41 kg (with the barrel 760 mm). Shotguns 16 gauge chambered produced only 65 mm. For firing buckshot and bullets produced a model with a cylindrical barrel length of 510 mm and its weight is 3.40 kg. Capacity for all modifications made 5 rounds.

    During the First World War, a modified version of Winchester M1897 was officially adopted for use under the name «Trench Gun Model 1917." The military version differed from the base model of the cylindrical barrel 510 mm drill set vented safety cover from burns on the trunk and mount bayonet. Gun, as before, can carry 5 1 cartridge. Standard military shotgun shells became grapeshot cartridge with 00 (U.S. classification), ie, three in a row, only 9 diameter 8.38 mm kartechin.

    shotgun winchester m1897

    Winchester M1897 «Trench»
    With bayonet

    U.S. military combat shotgun was named «trench sweeper» («trench broom" or "trench brush»).

    drobovik winchester m1897
    Winchester M1897 «Trench»

    advent of this rifle at the front served extremely increased density of artillery and machine guns that drove World War in the trenches. Sturm these innumerable crevices and burrows showed the weakness of long rifles and Enfield Springfield in trench combat. Moreover, it became unpleasant thing, advancing allies in the German trenches fire met the world's first successful machine Bergmann. Here myself and showed Model 97.

    Assault Allied troops began to massively use the "trench broom". The main advantage of Winchester M1897 was the most stopping power at close range when shooting in confined spaces. Weapon was fairly undemanding for combat conditions - when a new cartridge misfire shall be sent fast and simple hand movement. With almost the same ammunition, nearly equaling in rate of fire guns became much larger than the revolver to striking effect. Besides the Americans idea parting in front trenches good shooters with shotguns, charged with small shot, for churning (or rather - beating aside) enemy grenades.

    psychological impact on the Germans was so great that the September 19, 1918, the German government issued a diplomatic protest against the U.S. use of shotguns, alleging that the shotgun was prohibited under the law of war. After reviewing the applicable law the chief military prosecutor Army, Secretary of State R. Lansing rejected German protest in a formal note.

    Combat Shotgun Winchester M1897 earned its place as a secondary army weapons, and by the end of the war, the U.S. Army was armed with more than 19,000 «trench guns", two thirds of whom were Winchester M1897.

    shotgun winchester m1897

    Winchester M1897 «Riot»

    After World War short modifications to "police" version «riot gun» («gun disorder"), without cover on the trunk and without bracket for the bayonet, used to guard prisoners and mail, as well as to disperse the crowd, the less lethal weapons.

    Trench Gun
    Caliber, mm 12
    Length mm 1000
    Barrel length, mm 510
    Weight 2.8
    The chamber, mm
    store count. cartridges 5 +1
    Effective range, m 20

    Winchester M1897 quite effectively used by the U.S. Army in World War II. Shotgun used in limited quantities in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, along with a similar version in 1912 (Winchester M1912). Availability capacious tubular magazine, coupled with faster than rifles with longitudinally sliding shutter speed reloading and high striking effect at short distances made it an indispensable weapon in the battle in the trenches and areas.

    Shotgun Winchester M1897 produced until the mid-1950s. In general, from 1897 to 1957 produced over one million guns of this model.

    At the end of the twentieth century, the Chinese company «Norinco» launched production shotgun Norinco 97, is a replica gun in Winchester M1897 variants «Trench» and «Riot».

    shotgun winchester m1897

    Norinco 97


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