Shotgun Winchester M1912

    shotgun winchester m1912

    Winchester M1912

    In 1912 the company «Winchester» released shotgun Winchester M 1912, also became known as the Winchester Model 1912, Winchester Model 12, Winchester M12.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Tattoo Winchester M1912

    Shotgun Winchester M1912 was developed by designer firms Winchester - Thomas Crosley Johnson (Thomas Crosley Johnson) and is a further development shotgun designed by John M. Browning in 1897 (Winchester M1897).

    Based on the previous model M1897, designer substantially reworked the entire structure guns changed the principle of locking receiver became a closed and an open trigger disappeared. From the previous guns were only a few elements.


    new shotgun model 12 Winchester was arranged by the original 20th-caliber, which was named «Perfect Repeater». In 1914 he created the model 12 and 16-gauge, and in 1934 - 28 caliber. In addition, a model kalibra.410. Magazine capacity of all models was 5 rounds.

    shotgun winchester m1912

    Winchester M1912
    drobovik winchester m1912
    Winchester M1912 «Trench»

    first baptism model Winchester M1912 was held in the First World War, when, along with shotgun M97, Army helped fulfill an order for 20,000 so-called "trench (trench) guns» - Winchester M1912 «Trench». During World War II Winchester M1912 «Trench» again entered service. It is believed that these were delivered 80,000 rifles to the government order and another 6,000 over him. Also combat shotgun M12 was among the favorites during the war in Korea and Vietnam, where he enjoyed great popularity.

    shotgun winchester m1912

    Winchester M1912 «Trench»

    military execution Winchester M1912 «Trench» was only 12-caliber barrel was 510 mm, 5-round magazines, factory installed safety Vented cover burns on the trunk and mount a bayonet-knife. Weight with empty magazine 2.8 kg. Overall length 1190 mm guns.

    After World War I on the basis of Winchester M1912 «Trench» was created by "police" version of Winchester M1912 «Riot» without cover on the trunk and without bracket for the bayonet.

    shotgun winchester m1912

    Winchester M1912 «Riot»

    Winchester M1912 shotgun is quite original and markedly different in detail from the pump action shotguns, later developed.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Winchester M1912
    Shutter is open Locking

    bore made skewed gate, its rear portion which engages a slot in the top of the receiver, ie, the transmission is a power element.

    The chamber

    gun is a composite - the main part of the chamber, as it should, is in the breech of the barrel, and 5-mm section - breech sleeve threaded - screwed into the receiver. The shutter abuts against this sleeve in the forward position, with the other end tightly adjacent thereto barrel. The sleeve is fixed at the edges of two screws which are screwed into the threaded joint and lock it against loosening.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Winchester M1912
    Shutter is closed

    Fuse button at the front base of the bracket is included only if the trigger is cocked. At the rear base of the bracket on the left lever for unlocking the gate Extracting cartridge from the barrel without firing a shot. No-shut shop.

    The gate

    tselnofrezerovannaya box, steel, very massive and thick-walled, triangular top inside Picks - emphasis under the gate.

    trigger mechanism is assembled on the frame together with the bracket, and the bolt is removed from the box without difficulty - and keeps one screw set into the groove from the store. Gun has no trigger disconnector. Therefore we can say that the two modes of fire guns. One regular: after juggling forearm - pressing the shutter as usual (the trigger is released immediately after the shot). The second mode: When you press the trigger and do not let him go, but only distort the fore-end, then each cycle should be shot. This feature trigger Winchester M12 and M97. With no difference for hunting and combat versions.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Lowered the trigger (top) and cocked

    Later John Browning for his later models (Remington models 10 and 17, Ithaca 37) hunting modifications in the "default" trigger installed devoid uncoupler, but juggling forearm and continuing pressing the trigger the trigger down smoothly with cocked without firing a shot. Military rifle modification Ithaca 37 installed USM USM similar Winchester M1912, which was later named "Slam fire". JM Browning apparently believed that Pompeii uncoupler not needed.

    for reloading Winchester M12 as M97, after the shot, you must first apply a little handguard forward (toward the front sight) a few millimeters, and after that it is fed back, thus ejected cartridge cases and shall be sent to the next pa throne. Without this movement forearm - a little ahead - the shutter can not be opened because it eliminated warp speed, hard tooth falls in and out of the nest - the gate is lowered to the horizontal, is released and goes back freely. Extractor grips the rim liner for two, right and left, both are biased.

    Forend in prewar performance Winchester M1912 are somewhat shifted forward and rearward position does not reach the receiver of about 50 mm. Elongated back handguard, oddly enough, there was only postwar M12 and other models pump action rifles, such as Remington 870 or Winchester 1200. Effort to move forearm - 4 kg, while it is not split into two components (decoupling with the barrel and trigger platoon). Gun muzzle down in a coup and held for handguard does not open.

    drobovik winchester m1912

    neck stock and forend are made very thin.

    Antabok nominally no.


    no free forearm rotation through the pipe shop (pull only one) for the magazine tube has three embossed inside the guide (like three stitches) in the inner tube forearm suitably selected three slots, so that the fore-end when driving back and forth is not shifted on its axis, even if you remove the cravings. At the same time the pipe shop can rotate inside forearm when disassembling the gun. In captivity in the trunk store fixed through spring-loaded tape. Forearm movement forward further limits on the store shelf.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Sights little rough,
    But very comfortable Sights

    at Winchester M1912 included only fly and groove milled about the entire upper surface of the receiver. The slot has a notch.

    rib bulk guns had. Only in recent years appears modification issue with rib, and the origin is set to strip the receiver. On models without a rear sight its absence significantly affects the quality of aiming at the intense fire. Barrel heats up fast enough, and he begins to climb, "haze", aim through the ascending air currents uncomfortable goal trembles and spreads. Hunting, of course, this is not very important, but when shooting at targets sometimes interfere.

    Trench Gun
    Caliber, mm 12
    Length mm 1190
    Barrel length, mm 510
    Weight 2.8
    The chamber, mm 70
    store count. cartridges 5 +1
    Effective range, m 20

    capacity grenade shop nominally designed for five rounds, but if reloading is not longer than 61 mm (which is common when using equipment paper cup), then put them in the shop 6 pieces. Cartridges with plastic hub in length 61-62 mm are obtained. With ammunition size exactly 61 mm in store includes 6 pieces back to back, free spring travel is not all, but the mechanics of running.

    chamber size of 70 mm, whereas the length of it is sometimes 65 mm. Chamber itself slightly taper from the base.

    Loading the gun

    peculiar. The first thing that catches the eye - no cartridge clips in the store. Cartridges in the store did not hold, the last pas throne leaves the shop at the height of the metal base (10 mm) and comes about 2 mm on a tray feeder. Its further progress is limited to feeder ledge.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Bottom visible characteristic yield cartridge from the magazine

    When chambering a store next pas throne must make sure that the retracting top feeder tray from the store does not slip out the previous holder. Clipper lever is activated only during juggling forearm. Once handguard starts to move back, the trimming is already starting to move up, and slides on the skirt, and after that, the body of the cartridge - as soon as the bolt comes to its rearmost position, the maximum tooth raised rim and intercepts the next cartridge. When moving the bolt forward, the tray is lifted together with a cartridge, send it to the breech, then the shutter at 1/3 is displayed in the box, the cartridge has entered the front part of the barrel, the tray is lowered into place, but the tooth does not fall clipper. He descends with the click of the locking device is released. If for some reason was not included sleeve fully into the breech and the bolt is not closed, the cartridge from the magazine does not pop up on the tray. When the shutter is closed and the tray in the lower position, the tooth falls and opens the way for the next cartridge tray. Between the extreme ends of the feeder and the edge of the receiver there is a gap of 7.5 mm.

    tray feeder has at the end of the inside curve, so if you start utaplivat tray toward the gate, he presses the cartridge back to the store. Until the tray end passes through the cartridge Donets, it keeps it in the store. Once the tray feeder passes through the upper point of contact with the Donets - emphasis rounds disappears and nothing prevents patrons to jump out of the store.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Loading the

    Recharge can be done in two ways: Patron recessed tray feeder inside before driving cartridge from the magazine. Located in the Donets buries cartridge store rolled up in part of the new cartridge and then the thumb rests on the Donets new cartridge and pushes the whole "turn the cartridge" back to the store at the last stage has to rest on the rim almost fingernail - this makes room for the dipping tray feeder . Once cleaned finger tray takes the place and it extends just inserted cartridge.

    second method of loading a gun put the receiver box on the left hand and the pads of the index and middle fingers pritaplivaetsya feeder. Left thumb until it stops bullets that are in the store, on the front part of a new cartridge, plays the role of clipper rounds, keeping them from jumping out of the store. Left hand moves a little further, while continuing to hold the tray in the raised position. Next right thumb cartridge is inserted into the store. At a time when it is fully inserted, the right thumb is somewhat displaced along the sleeve cap, freeing up space for stroke tray feeder. At the same time the left hand begins to release feeder that captures cartridges. As an option - can be the final stage of the cartridge does not bring the thumb and the outside of the relatively decree.

    Unloading gun without distortion of the gate is made similarly to the late development of pumps, but instead of pressing the shutter stops recessed tray feeder before the cartridge from the magazine, and then released feeder in place. Extraction cycle is repeated until the last bullet.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    Winchester M1912
    With disconnected barrel

    When disassembling the barrel separated together with the store. Link forend one, located on the left side of the receiver.

    spring-loaded ejector

    made - it swoops cartridge cases rim when driving the bolt back and starts popping up on the right side (in the box). Inserted on the left side of the receiver. Ejector flat tail is pressed against the body. Triangular tooth protrudes above the spring to 1.2 mm, it actually squeezes the Donets and sleeve from the left grip when moving the bolt back. Additional fasteners to the body no ejector biased gate and sitting in his nest by friction in the gate is a slot specifically for him.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    ejector spring loaded

    shutter out of the box can not be removed until the ejector extraction. When removing the ejector valve must be in the forward position. Thin screwdriver ejector lifted out of the slot and pulled out from under the gate to the side of the butt. Accordingly assembly in reverse order.

    fireproof prevents simultaneous feeding of two rounds, only works for a while juggling at the gate creates a focus for the next lip liner, in finishing the gate rejected and let na throne on tray skirt. In the forward position, the gate - not running.

    drobovik winchester m1912

    Handle all parts - "from under the cutter," no-polishing polishes. Grinding friction produced only nodes such as shut off the outer portions of the shutter, the inner surface of the receiver.

    shutter release button is on the left rear of the trigger guard.

    gun to transport disassembled into two parts: the butt to the receiver and barrel with the gun.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    View from the left, right, bottom (top-down)

    With incomplete disassembly barrel separated together with the shop which is connected sockets. One removable sleeve on the screw-type clamps, one that is closer to the muzzle, the other in the breech - pressed on a hot landing. The store has a free wheeling down the barrel at 10 inches back and forth from the breech he walks inside the sleeve length of 55 mm.

    When collecting

    gun barrel is oriented at 90 degrees to the left, with respect to the gate of the box, the same lead-in field on the trunk and the threads in the box, the barrel is inserted into the box, shop at the same time the maximum is taken aside flies, rod is flush with extruded sleeve, then the barrel is rotated into place counterclockwise thread comes into place, pushed the store, it also has a lead-in thread 1/2 square outside the store - inside the gate arm (she left the barrel) comes into its special window. Then use the mobile at the end of a spring-loaded spool shop rotates counterclockwise and is fixed spool returns to its original position. Shotgun collected.

    Disassembled on walking rounds in the store is not possible, since there are no ammo clips.

    One of the drawbacks of the threaded connections without additional fixation was that if the trunk is often filmed, then eventually arose backlash in the threaded part of the connection trunk box, and sometimes play is so great that we had to resort to installing washers under the barrel in place Connection box. To replace the trunk must be disconnected from the shop.

    drobovik winchester m1912
    almost complete disassembly

    Winchester M1912 All items are made of steel and hardened. Receiver, slide, trigger parts are made by milling. Despite the fact that all parts of the gun are made of steel, it has a good balance, posadistost (weight distribution) gun is very good.

    Despite the quality factor, reliability and durability Winchester M12 in 1963 was discontinued (although the order was issued prior to 2006).

    Total production Winchester M1912 was released about two million of these rifles.


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