Shotgun XM-26 LSS

    shotgun xm-26 lss
    XM-26 LSS
    Option separate (independent) weapons

    Research and development for the U.S. armed forces the new model light combat shotgun (LSS - Lightweight Shotgun System - easy smoothbore (shotgun) the gun), the designation XM-26 LSS, were initiated by "Colt" in 1999 and continued by «C-More Systems» (Manassas, Va.) together with laboratory NE «Dismounted Battlespace».

    gun XM-26 was developed to enhance the combat capabilities of individual soldiers under melee during combat operations in populated areas, while it has the same purpose as the other shotguns in the U.S. Army.

    shotgun xm-26 lss
    XM-26 LSS
    With detachable butt and pistol grip

    In particular, when using the appropriate type of ammunition XM-26 can be used for the following tasks:
    - Penetration into the premises (knocking doors - door-breaching), which are used for special types of bullets;
    - Non-lethal ammunition shooting (rubber bullets and buckshot ammunition with non-lethal agents and the like);
    - Shooting shot and grapeshot melee (one shot buckshot from shotgun 12 calibres. Efficacy comparable burst of sub-machine gun).

    Caliber, mm 12
    Weight empty, kg 1,02 (podstvol'nyy option);
    1.9 (in a separate version)
    Length mm 420 (podstvol'nyy option);
    610 (use separate
    (Butt inserted completely)
    Barrel length, mm 197
    Count. cartridges
    The chamber, mm 70, 76

    However, XM-26 has a number of significant structural differences from most shotguns with manually operated, traditionally used in the U.S. Armed Forces, such as the military model of the weapon "Remington" 870 or "Mossberg" 500 series.

    Thus, in the XM-26 is provided a removable five-shot box magazine instead of a permanent under-barrel and used a different way of reloading - instead of the so-called principle of a pump (pump-action - recharge mobile forearm) used the sliding bolt (bolt-action) with side handle, which can be mounted on either side of the weapon. Receiver is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy (aircraft-grade aluminum).

    shotgun xm-26 lss
    XM-26 mounted under the barrel of the rifle M4A1
    Earlier version

    XM-26 is a modular weapon system, which, depending on the tasks can be transformed into various modifications.

    main battle weapon configuration for this option is podstvol'nyy without stock and pistol grip, designed for installation on carbines or rifles M4/M4A1 M16 (in foreign sources, this modification XM-26 is designated as under-barrel version, or rifle attached version, then is "podstvol'nyy" or "attached to the rifle" version).

    shotgun xm-26 lss
    XM-26 LSS, mounted under the barrel of the rifle M4A1
    Modern version

    As a result, XM-26 rifle and carbine (rifle) form a multi-purpose complex weapons, providing the application of different types of ammunition for firing at medium range and melee. Length XM-26 in this configuration is 419 mm (16.5 inches). Such an installation option shotguns (usually modifications with a shortened barrel) under the barrel rifles and carbines used for a long time.

    So, in the 80-ies of XX century in the United States has developed a modification shortened shotgun - "Remington" 870 without stock and pistol grip, which could be placed under the barrel of an assault rifle or carbine. In the process of shooting a gun shop with an assault rifle served as a sort of pistol grip. This design is called «Master Key» («universal key"). Its main drawback was the use of a permanent store and moving the gun reloading principle that when installing this gun under the barrel M16 or M4 carbine is rendered too far ahead.

    shotgun xm-26 lss
    Options multipurpose complex of small arms
    (M4A1 carbine rifle and XM-26)

    Use XM-26 removable box magazine and the abandonment of the principle of moving the gun charge in favor of the side handle reloading allowed to accelerate and facilitate the process, and provide the ability to quickly change ammo types in case of change of the combat mission or situation by replacing the shops filled with different types of ammunition. Gun designed for shooting 12 calibres. with conventional sleeve length of 70 mm (2.75 inches) and higher power (the so-called "magnum") with a sleeve length of 76 mm (3 inches), including special and hunting.

    When using XM-26 underbarrel version for guided weapons used regular sights or carbine rifle.

    Another modification - a single combat rifle (stand-alone version) without having to install shotgun or rifle.

    In this case, the small gun mounted handguard and collapsible telescoping stock with a pistol grip, similar to that used in carbines M4/M4A1.

    In this configuration, the length of the gun (with folded butt) is 610 mm. (24 inches). Sights set on a standard guide rail type (Picatinny rail), mounted on the rifle receiver, which allows to equip its various sights - mechanical and optical, collimator and night.

    shotgun xm-26 lss
    Compact version

    third configuration XM-26 is a compact weapon without stock and forend, pistol grip only.

    Collectively, the three main configuration options allow the XM-26 is flexible enough to adapt quickly and the basic design of guns for different combat missions, which makes it possible to reduce the range of small arms used without reducing its combat effectiveness.

    In 2003, about 200 XM-26 rifles were sent to the U.S. forces operating in Afghanistan. According to available information, the XM-26 proved to be in Afghanistan with the best hand. It has been suggested that the system XM-26 can be used on the new American rifle XM8.


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