Sniper rifle 12.7 mm JS 05

    sniper rifle 12.7 mm js 05
    JS 05

    Chinese company Jianshe Group, on a competitive basis, to create a program of large-caliber rifles for the PLA was developed sniper rifle JS 05 12.7 mm.

    sniper rifle JS 05 is designed to fight unarmored vehicles, defeat enemy personnel at long range or protected by heavy body armor or other obstructions.

    Rifle JS 05 uses manually reset with rotary bolt having two lugs in front of.

    Caliber, mm 12.7h108
    Weight, kg 12.5
    Length mm 1392
    Barrel length, mm 850
    Count. cartridges

    rifle barrel has the option of reverting to the receiver. To reduce the impact to the design introduced hydraulic damper, located under the barrel, and the barrel is equipped with a powerful muzzle compensator.

    To use optical or night sights on the receiver 05 is set JS guide type Picatinny. Open sights are not available.

    Food rifle ammunition is made from detachable box magazines for 3 rounds. Shop adjoins horizontally from the left side weapons.

    Rifle nominally completed folding bipod adjustable height and carrying handle.

    JS 05 sniper rifle was adopted by the Chinese army for use by special forces.

    sniper rifle 12.7 mm js 05
    JS 05


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