Sniper rifle Accuracy International AE

    sniper rifle accuracy international ae
    Accuracy International AE
    sniper rifle accuracy international ae
    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Police (AI AWP)

    AE rifle developed on the basis of previous series rifles firm Arctic Warfare Police specifically for the police as a cheaper alternative to AW series rifles and AWP.

    by eliminating costly corrosion stability of coatings, simplified design and reduce the lodge initially very high requirements to work in harsh conditions, engineers managed to reduce the price of the rifle almost 2-fold compared with the AWP rifles in the same configuration. Such a reduction in requirements is acceptable for the police conditions when shooting is on the smaller ranges and under less stringent conditions, and regular rifle provided good care.

    AE rifle is based on the company's proprietary design consisting of a long aluminum chassis is bolted to the hollow plastic bed consisting of two side.

    The same chassis is a steel receiver and trigger mechanism.

    shutter design is similar to other rifles of the same company and has three front lugs.

    rifle barrel - heavy, "floating".


    installed in a special V-shaped slot in the chassis.

    Caliber, mm 7.62 NATO ( .308 Win)
    Weight empty, kg 6.0
    Length mm 1120
    Barrel length, mm 610
    Capacity count. cartridges 5, 8
    Effective range, m 600

    Fuse - three position in the rear of the bolt, trigger warning (two-step descent), adjustable trigger force.

    Lodge simplified configuration, adjusted only by setting the length of the butt special liners to head butt. In front of the lodge made for mounting a bipod, but the rifle can be used for firing from the shoulder to the hand.

    The receiver is installed on top of the universal bracket-rail for mounting optics, open sights are not provided. Rifle scopes usually comes firms Schmidt & Bender (Germany) or Leupold (USA).

    Food arms ammunition is made from single-row detachable box magazine capacity 5 (standard) or 8 (optional) stores.

    Issue sniper rifle AE was arranged in a single configuration (other options caliber and / or length of the barrel is not provided).

    sniper rifle accuracy international ae

    Accuracy International AE


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