Sniper rifle Accuracy International AS50

    sniper rifle accuracy international as50
    Accuracy International AS50
    large-caliber semi-automatic

    sniper rifle caliber 12.7 mm. AS50 was the latest development of the legendary British company Accuracy International Ltd at the beginning of the XXI century.

    sniper rifle accuracy international as50
    Accuracy International AS50

    This rifle is designed specifically for use by army special operations forces to combat materiel and unarmored or lightly armored combat materiel and is designed for shooting at long distances (up to two kilometers).

    AS50 rifle was first demonstrated to the public in January 2005 at the exhibition ShotShow-2005 in the United States.

    Accuracy International AS50 is a semi-automatic rifle. Automation works by using a portion of the propellant gases bled from the barrel. Vapor mechanism with a gas piston, located above the barrel. The barrel is locked produced warp gate down.

    < td> Sighting range, m
    Caliber, mm 12.7x99 ( .50 BMG)
    Length mm 1369
    Barrel length, mm 692
    Weight empty, kg 14,1 (without sight)
    Count. cartridges
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 980

    rifle barrel, made of stainless steel, length 692 mm. Floating barrel is equipped with two-chamber brake compensator to prevent toss weapons firing.

    Receiver weapons as steel.

    On top of the receiver is set guide "Picatinny", allowing installation of various sniper day and night sights.

    On the left side of the receiver has a toggle lever fuse. AS50 is equipped with an additional mechanism to prevent disassembly off guard with a rifle.

    sniper rifle accuracy international as50

    Furthermore, there is a device which fixes the bolt in the rear position, which enables inspection and cleaning without disassembling the weapon.

    back side of the receiver is equipped with rubber butt pad and the function of the stock.

    Under the butt set, foldable handle, which is also used as an additional stop.

    forend made of aluminum, provided with guide "Picatinny", that provides a different installation of additional equipment. Under the gun has a folding bipod, not height adjustable.

    for comfortable transport and service rifle disassembled into several pieces for three minutes.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds.


    AS50 was established by Accuracy International Ltd (UK) in 2005.

    large-caliber sniper rifle AS50 was adopted by the U.S. Army special forces (in particular, the famous "Navy SEALs" US Navy SEALS), Great Britain, Ireland and some other countries.


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