Sniper rifle Accuracy International AW50

    sniper rifle accuracy international aw50
    Accuracy International AW50

    English company "Accuracy International" (within the family of sniper rifles) on the basis of its large-caliber rifle AW sniper rifle developed by AW50 patron.50 BMG (12,7 mm h99).

    sniper rifle accuracy international aw50
    Accuracy International AW50
    Prototype (top)
    Final version (below) In developing

    sniper rifle much attention was focused on how to combine the best possible weapon accuracy, parts interchangeability and ergonomics. After two years of testing, leading to various changes, mainly weight reduction, sniper rifle AW50 received its final configuration.

    general scheme and the shape of the lodge remained practically the same as that of the base rifle. Slightly modified and bipod support under the butt. The trunk is equipped with a muzzle brake and a massive muzzle bushing, its breech of the 8-sided sleeve. Swap Shop is designed for 5 rounds.

    sniper rifle accuracy international aw50
    cartridges used in
    Accuracy International AW-50 < td> Sighting range, m
    Caliber, mm 12.7h99 ( .50 BMG)
    Length mm 1420
    Barrel length, mm 686
    Weight empty, kg 15 (with bipod)
    Count. cartridges
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 925

    supposed to create a removable silencer, although such a device is likely to have played a role as an effective flame arrester, and the sound level would decline only so as not to create sharp pain in hand.

    sniper rifle accuracy international aw50
    Accuracy International AW50 To increase comfort

    shooting rifle has a built-in damping the recoil third leg under the butt, folding stock for easy transport.

    sights set on standard rails type Picatinny-Weawer. Used sights fixed 10X or variable multiplicity - 3-12X or 4-16X.

    There are several modifications

    Accuracy International AW50: AW50F and AW50FT. AW50F weighs 13.64 kg. AW50FT - 12.73 kg., By using titanium instead of individual parts of the steel parts.

    In England

    large caliber sniper rifle Accuracy International AW50 models were adopted by Australia and South Korea.


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